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Massa again in the storm to cancel the penalty

Massa again in the storm to cancel the penalty

Referee Massa returned after a long break, and Roque chose him to officiate the Juventus-Lazio match, somewhat surprisingly considering that the Ligurian referee had just returned from several failures. After being sent to Serie B Cremonese Palermo without convincing, he was left out of the switch. He was appointed by UEFA for the Champions League match between Real Madrid and RB Leipzig It angered the Germans Due to the failed expulsion of Vinicius, who grabbed an opponent by the neck. Roque chose him for the direct European clash between Fiorentina and Roma, but Massa got everything wrong even in Franchi. Let's see how he performed yesterday on the field.

Massa's history with Juventus and Lazio

There were 26 precedents between Massa and Lazio, with 11 wins, 6 draws and 9 defeats. For the Ligurian race director it was The sixth match between Juventus and the Biancocelesti, The previous confrontations ended with three defeats, two draws and one victory.

Massa booked players

With the help of assistants Millie Alassio, with the fourth man Raboa Nou, In VAR Di Paolo In the Avar Abisu match, the referee booked two players from Allegri's team: 37' Jati (J), 85' Wea (J). Payback: 2 points; 5' sh

Juventus and Lazio, slow-motion situations

These are questionable episodes. In the 14th minute Vecino came in with a high foot on Cambiasso who was expecting him, Massa awarded the penalty kick which was disallowed by VAR: the on-screen referee went to review the call for a possible offside situation before the penalty kick was taken by Cambiasso. , confirmed by the VAR and the referee himself, who considered Patrick's touch that returned Cambiasso to play a mere coincidence. Stadium protests, big doubts. In the 68th minute, Casale slipped on Chiesa inside the box but managed to scratch the ball: no penalty for Massa, despite the winger's protests. Correction of the two yellow cards in the Juventus-Lazio match.

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For Cesare it was right to cancel the sentence

Graziano Cesare provides clarity. The former referee explains to Canale 5: “Massa is very close to the play and Cambiasso is sure to receive a kick from close range. The match director is brought back to VAR and spends about fifteen seconds blowing the offside whistle. Cambiasso was over the goal line and Patrick, according to the current rule He is not completely free when he hits the ball, so it is right to cancel the penalty kick. The rule has changed After the 2021 Nations League final between France and Spain, we must take this into account: this was the right decision.”

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