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Mario Draghi, Unauthorized Biography on FQ MillenniuM on newsstands from Saturday 16th October.  5/ The European Central Bank and 'autopilot' in politics

Mario Draghi, Unauthorized Biography on FQ MillenniuM on newsstands from Saturday 16th October. 5/ The European Central Bank and ‘autopilot’ in politics

In Italy we are accustomed to the glorified press Mario Draghi Even if he goes to the butcher shop or supermarket or cooks the braised meat himself. But the current prime minister has not always had such an easy time abroad: on the eve and during his tenure at the top European Central Bank Above all, it was the German press that attacked the economist who was accused of being too soft on non-“thrifty” countries, often in a bright and politically incorrect tone.

Please don’t this Italian! Mamma Mia, for Italians, inflation is a way of life, like tomato sauce on pasta! ” picture When he made his name to head the European Central Bank. But Draghi is a very attentive man in relations with the press, which he personally and esteemed care for. a call Carlo Di Benedetti, with whom he has a long-term relationship, and thanks to the good offices of the funder/publisher, meet a publisher picture. The tabloid would end up photographing him wearing a Prussian helmet on his head, describing him in April 2011 as “the most German candidate for the Central Bank”.

This is just one of the aspects investigated in the long mass investigation FQ MillenniuM, the monthly magazine directed by Peter Gomez, is in issue on newsstands as of Saturday, October 16 (The investigation was signed by Ivo Caese, Fabrizio Desposito, Carlo Di Foggia, Luigi Franco, Marco Palompi, Fabio Pavese, Mario Portanova, Thomas Mackinson). almost a book, in it”Fifty Shades of Dragons‘, its lights and shadows, which are regularly removed by the gruesome media euphoria that accompanied their arrival at Palazzo Chigi. Here are some “grains” relating to this phase of his career (read previous previews at little dragons, employment years in the closet, On the Moving to Goldman Sachs and on authorization at the head of the Bank of Italy).

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Lights and shadows. The dramatic crisis Greece. Then the Minister of Finance in Athens Yanis Varoufakis He will repeatedly accuse him of contributing to the stifling of the country, as well as broadcast an audio recording of some meetingsEurogroup In February 2015. On the other hand, with “Whatever you take – whatever it costsAnnounced in London on 26 July 2012, Draghi is enshrined in the eyes of Europe and not only as “the man who saved the Euro”. All the topics in the investigation were explored in FQ MillenniuM, as well as the issue of the letter from the European Central Bank to Italy that will accelerate the fall of the last government led by Silvio Berlusconi, in November 2011.

Berlusconi will boast himself of having “imposed Draghi at the head of the European Central Bank against Tremont Who was against and against Sarkozy? Things went differently and the appointment was played on other tables, as you will read on our monthly website. The fact is that on August 4, 2011, when Draghi was appointed but not appointed as president of European Central BankIn Palazzo Chigi, they discovered that the Frankfurt Institute is preparing an official letter to be sent to Rome that lists a series of drastic measures the Italian government will have to take to counter the specter of the growing spread.

Draghi himself will say that the “ECB message” is a platform independent of the wishes of the voters on March 7, 2013, in the wake of the political elections: “Italy continues the path of reforms, regardless of the outcome of the elections. Reforms continue as if Autopilot. will comment Andrea Orlando, now the Secretary of Labor of the Democratic Party always with Draghi, on Eid Finished 2016: “We live in a great struggle between democracy and the economy. Today, essentially, supranational forces can completely bypass national democracies. The facts that are determined at the supranational level, and the topics that are formed at the supranational level, which are often not legitimized democratically, are able to confront democracies with a fait accompli.” Example?” “The balanced budget in the constitution was not the result of debate in the country, but As a result of the fact that the European Central Bank, at a certain point, said more or less – now I’m taking it brutally -: ‘Either you put this clause in your constitution, or we will turn off the taps and there is no end-of-month salary’. I have to say it’s one of the options I’m ashamed of.”

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