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Your cell phone is charged for longer thanks to this simple trick that many ignore

Your cell phone is charged for longer thanks to this simple trick that many ignore

Nowadays we can all safely say that we cannot live without a mobile phone. In fact, we are constantly attacked by the fear of being broken or abandoned in our time of need. In fact, in addition to containing photos, videos, and music, this device is now a must-have to have it when you need it. In fact, it has features that allow us to ask for help, to make us Geolocation Or it may be helpful to guide us in case we get lost. To get around these potential situations, today we explain how to charge your cell phone for longer thanks to this simple trick that many overlook.

Good habits to keep always

Let’s start with a brief report on the little gestures, which are probably already known, which can be very useful in conserving the phone’s battery if they are applied consistently. The first is definitely closing all the tabs in the background. This means that once you click an icon to enter an app, we must remember to close it immediately after use. In general, this can be done by clicking on the central button of the smartphone and pressing the open pages to make them disappear. This way we will prevent them from stealing power from the phone, keeping the charge longer. Then it is also necessary to turn off Wi FI and Bluetooth when you are not using them. The purpose is the same and it only takes a few seconds to turn these features off. Finally, it is also useful to monitor automatic updates: here is an explanation How to prevent your mobile phone from running out faster and faster by following this tip.

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Your cell phone is charged for longer thanks to this simple trick that many ignore

But let’s get to the trick that not everyone knows about. We are talking about battery monitoring. In fact, inside the settings there is a curtain dedicated to this part. Let’s see together where to find it, in general, given the differences in mobile phones and OS versions:

  • NileIphone Go to “Settings”, find the word “Battery” and then select “Last 24 hours” or “Last 10 days”;
  • In the case of Android, it will be necessary to imitate the first two steps and then tap ‘Battery and energy save’, followed by ‘Battery use’ and ‘Usage details’.

Here you can first adjust the battery percentage so that it is always visible. Going this way, we will be aware at all times of the condition of our mobile phone. Then you can also check the actual power consumption of each application. On closer examination, we may also find that some of the apps that we don’t use are major power thieves. If so, the advice is to uninstall it immediately.


Mobile phone is always charged without plugging in thanks to this trick that few people know

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