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Watch out for this new virus on your mobile phone that may empty your bank account in an instant

Watch out for this new virus on your mobile phone that may empty your bank account in an instant

While browsing the Internet, the risk of clicking on fake ads and infecting computers and mobile phones is always very high. In fact, there are many people who fall into these traps every day and see their passwords, personal and banking data stolen from under their noses.

This happens because the hackers, or cybercriminals, who are hiding behind these tricks are now very skilled at what they are doing. In fact, users are often completely unaware and unaware of what they are receiving, because messages or warnings are always very reasonable.

For example, we have seen that many have fallen in love Fraud of a parcel being delivered, lost, or stuck in storage. However, today we will find out that we must keep our eyes open on this new mobile virus that can void our existing account in an instant.

Scams and Phishing Attempts

These fraud attempts, or so-called attempts phishingThey are a real social affliction.
The perpetrators of these scams are often people who take advantage of people’s fears, creating a false sense of urgency in them.

In fact, many PostePay owners, even today, are victims of hacker attacks Because of these SMS that empties your card in seconds.
Not to mention all the people who have received the Covid 19 vaccine False messages to download Green Pass.

However, the new virus launched in recent days does not provide for receiving SMS messages, but appears on the go in the form of an advertising banner.

In fact, let’s keep our eyes peeled for this new virus on our mobile that can empty our bank account in an instant.

When we surf the web, we often receive ads that often contain offers and discounts from other companies.
This new virus takes advantage of this system, by displaying warnings such as: “We recommend that you update Google Chrome to the latest version”.

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In fact, as soon as you click on the logo, it will start downloading a very dangerous malware.
This virus, once installed, will steal any information on the device, find personal data and above all banking data.
If the search is unsuccessful, this malware will activate itself by sending different emails containing malicious links in the email. The goal would be to extort the personal data of the victim in any way to commit other frauds on his account.
Therefore, the advice is to pay attention to both banners and SMS, remembering that any updates to the application will be notified by the company itself.

(We remind you to read the warnings in this article carefully which can be referenced Who is the”)