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I won't let anyone destroy me anymore

I won't let anyone destroy me anymore

Big Brother 2023/2024

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Big Brother 2023/2024

and not even Natalie Managed to calm the minds of competitors Big brotherSome of them are clearly still intolerant of the behavior of some of their roommates, even going so far as to come up with potential reaction plans, just to get their way. Massimiliano Varese He's the first to seem, to the very attentive eye of fans of the show, to have something about him Beatrice Luzzi.

Massimiliano Varese sayings

Determined to talk to his ex-lover, Monia La Ferreira, the actor declares with a blank stare that he is ready to change his position so as not to be overwhelmed by the decisions of others. The reference, albeit veiled, is to Beatrice Luzzi, who has recently returned to the most spied-on house in Italy and is once again at the center of bickering and controversy. So Giffeno declares:

But not here, I'll take another path. I won't let anyone destroy me anymore, there are many things that need to be fixed. If I hear another gossip like this come to my ears, I'll say… I'm old Massimi again. The one who no longer speaks… the real Macy. Which was previously a character. This is the real one, which uses other frequencies. There are a lot of needs, and not just for me.

Signorini defends Varese

Meanwhile, his words sparked widespread outrage on social media, where Varese was identified as a dangerous and violent figure. Many, including well-known people, have expressed considerations of this kind. Alfonso SignoriniHowever, he tried to smooth things over, claiming that El Gevino is not what they describe on social media, where according to the host he is being portrayed in the worst version of himself, while in reality he is playing a role. On the other hand, in some episodes leading up to Christmas, Signorini reprimands Varis for his language and himself declares that he has gotten into character.

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