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Made by GF Vip and Carlo Conti: He convinced them to…

In the next edition of Tale and which Show, the show hosted by Carlo Conte on Rai 1, there could be a whole lot of former Big Brother Vip competitors. Not only from the latest version of the reality show, but also from years past: all with the goal of putting themselves to the test with music!

Carlo Conte I managed to convince them! The conductor From like that which appearsa program Friday night From Rai 1 Which will resume with a new release starting from mid-autumn, has drawn many former heroes subordinate big brother vip And it seems that he succeeded in his intention to bring the characters who participated in the reality show.

After several rumors about the names they auditioned for like that which appearsNow the final confirmation is coming. In the program crew Carlo Conte Not only will there be past heroes in the latest version, but there will also be other well-known faces, after experiencing in the reality show hosted by him. Alfonso Signorini, They are back in the spotlight.

GF Vip: former competitors of Tale and which

Made by GF Vip and Carlo Conti: He convinced them to...

Coming from the latest version of big brother vipThe actors Alex Bailey And the David Silvestri It is almost certain to participate in the next season of like that which appears. Furthermore it Alex Bailey, At home, he was playing the piano and giving life to a scene that went viral on social media: how would he fit in with tradition In a program Carlo Conte?

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In addition to the two, there are other characters former subordinate big brother vip can come. Of course interest in Katia Ricciarelliwho admitted that he was ready for it to share Only if you find the right characters to play. In addition to this interest, Pamela Prati could also be one of my competitors like that which appears.

The showgirl expresses her desire to go home GF Vipbut in general it will be ready for a big return to the small screen: Carlo Conte He can give her this important opportunity for her future?