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Do you know the “chaste” zodiac signs? Always pure, that’s what they are!

Even if talking today about private and “hot” topics tends to be simpler than it was in the past, intimacy is still widely taboo, not only “society-imposed” but also, trivially, by Our perception of intimacy. Think of someone from Point of view “Nationality” isn’t weird at all, for example, but the discussion widens when there are situations that could cause embarrassment. The chaste, that is, “immaculate” according to the popular imagination, only those who do not seem to have “bloody” thoughts and who in fact feel sincere embarrassment when confronted with certain subjects. which is accordingly Horoscopethese marks?

Do you know the “chaste” zodiac signs? Always pure, that’s what they are!


They know perfectly well “how the world turns” and most consider themselves chaste and pragmatic. When they have to judge someone or something, their basic thinking does not take ‘weird’ ways, and while they are not easily embarrassed, ‘liberating’ contexts, if inappropriate, make them uncomfortable.


He bullies a lot but has a “good loving” personality, especially under the covers. Remain emotional and a much deeper person than it may seem. In intimacy with himself even at the expense of appearing a little clumsy.


Far from being gullible, Sagittarians have a hierarchy of priorities that don’t see them constantly thinking about the “hot” side: even when they encounter someone who satisfies them both from a physical point of view and a “feel”, they usually take the mental side first. This prevails: if there is no feeling, they are ashamed to think of something else.

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