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Letizia di Spagna

The wonderful Spanish Letizia in the party, invaded by the Sheikh with diamonds

Leticia Spain knows no borders for beauty. At the dinner party at Zarzuela Palace, she wore a luxurious evening dress of tulle and gold thread, signed by Gabriel Lage. While the sheikh of Qatar invades her guest pair of earrings A priceless diamond.

Spain’s Letizia and her husband, Felipe, Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and his first wife, Jawaher, are hosting an official trip after receiving them last November in Madrid. Sergio Mattarella and his daughter Laura. Larina welcomed the sheikh and introduced herself with Gorgeous white dress with delicate floral embroideryby Carolina Herrera, who was seriously reminiscent of Melania Trump’s 2019 look.

Letizia di Spagna, the dream dress that leaves you breathless

Although through her daytime costume she was able to seduce the elder who had only eyes for her, Letizia did her best with her evening clothes.

La Reina wore a new evening dress. It is located around mermaid model, has an Arabian flair, long to feet, with a tail, beautiful long sleeves with a bell-shaped finish, and a slightly boat neck. The dress was created by Gabriel LageMade of tulle and covered entirely with gold and bronze metallic threads, the embroidery is reminiscent of the Arabic arabesque. Contrary to expectations, Donna Letizia did not wear the tiara, but the lavish dress did not make her miss it. While hanging on her bodice, the Queen wore the brooch bearing the insignia of the rank of Isabella the Catholic.

In contrast to Letizia’s light-colored dress, the sheikh wore a black dress with an impressive embroidered tulle gown.

Letizia from Spain, who is Gabriel Lage, designer of her dress

Gabriel Lage, the designer who designed the gorgeous Letizia evening dress, is from Argentina. La Rena Her creations stunned former Argentine first lady Juliana Oada when she traveled to Spain in 2017. Lage is the son of a Spanish tailor, born in Lugo, Galicia, and immigrated to Argentina in the 1960s. In 2021 he celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of his brand.

Letizia from Spain, the sheikh’s gift of diamonds

The only jewel that the Queen holds is a couple of them Diamond earrings This is a cascading leaf shape, a very precious gift from the sheikh, enhanced by the gathered hairstyle specifically chosen by Letizia. According to the protocol, the couple also exchanged other gifts. For example, the football shirts of both countries. But the most interesting things were for Donna Letizia. In addition to earrings, Sheikh of Qatar She brought her a scarf from one of the most important figures in the history of the small country in the Persian Gulf. While Philippi obtained a sword for the founder of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammed bin Thani, who in 1868 signed an agreement with the British authorities in which the state was recognized as an independent political entity.

According to a royal decree passed by the Spanish Parliament last April, all gifts received by sovereigns are classified and at a later stage it is determined whether they will remain with the crown, whether they go to the state or to a non-profit organization.

Letizia di Spagna, party dinner menu

The party dinner menu, chosen by Letizia, contains no meat and no alcohol and was prepared by Chef Ramon Frexa. It included white and green asparagus with tuna belly rice and grouper with cedar wood. For dessert, cherries, fresh cheese, and Sichuan peppers. Juices and water were served as drinks. The Royal Guard brass band performed dinner with ABBA, Bee Gees, Frank Sinatra and Village People.

Letizia from Spain, Felipe of Spain

Letizia and Felipe from Spain at the dinner

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