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Lula moved to Argentina

Lula moved to Argentina

Argentine bull

Brazil proposes to Argentina to use the yuan as a trade currency

Brazilian Economy Minister Fernando Haddad proposed a plan to Argentina to use the yuan to secure export payments in order to overcome the cash shortage in Buenos Aires and boost trade flow.

The International Monetary Fund saves Argentina from defaulting again

Yesterday, the Executive Committee of the International Monetary Fund approved the disbursement of another $7.5 billion to Argentina after conducting the sixth review of Buenos Aires’ $44 billion debt, where the looting began at the end of last week.

Xi wants Guatemala’s new president to sever ties with Taiwan

Guatemala is the last Central American country to recognize an island democracy that Beijing is increasingly isolating to consolidate its geopolitical heft in Latin America. Yesterday Nicaragua kicked Taiwan out of Parlasín, the Central American parliament, of which China is now the new observer.

Yesterday, Xi Jinping pledged to expand strategic coordination with Havana

“Even in the field of defending Cuba’s sovereignty, opposing foreign interference and the economic embargo imposed by the United States.”

Paolo Manzo, August 24, 2023

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