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Luca Onestini meets his mother Carla – VIP older brother

After unpleasant It was a confrontation with Nikital onestini It’s time to enjoy a wonderful surprise that will make him smile again.

The impressionable Alfonso invites him to go into the courtyard of the house and there he decides to show him the phrase I send you a thousand kisses and hug you to catch your breath. Expecting his mother, Carla, to come.

“I am happy with the way you are doing. You are a clean and transparent boy.” She exclaims to the mother who, excited and happy to see her son again, cannot help but compliment him on the way he handles this experience: “Keep it up. You have a big, generous heart.”.

About what happened with Nikita, he also comments: “I didn’t like Nikita’s behavior at all. I saw in her a great strategy and a great mistake.” And he is saved by his son “The first thing we taught you is to respect people and women.”So praising her health.

Given the comments, to take the floor Nikita. “In my opinion, the strategies are made by someone else, not me” He says the important person is addressing the woman.

You have no credibility in any way. Dinner was also a strategy. Mother Carla answers.

Not appreciating the woman’s comment, Sonia also speaks from the studio and – without thinking twice – scolds the woman for being too harsh in judging other VIPs. Orita, on the other hand, justifies Carla’s speech in the belief that – after hearing the accusations leveled against her son by rivals – she responded in this way to defend him at all costs.

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The meeting between Mother Carla and Onestini ends, and before leaving the yard, the touching woman calls to keep calm and go forward with strength and determination: “Proud of you” Concludes.