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“I was swollen, they left me alone for 6 hours”

Federico Rasaa former participant in the TV show Temptation Islandthe damage is being investigated: on Saturday afternoon he went to the emergency room of the Civico di Palermo, complaining of an allergic reaction to treatment he underwent abroad. There, however—according to him—he would not have gotten the attention he needed, because he had been assigned a green code. At that moment, when he saw himself “ignoring” the doctors who gave precedence to other patients, he went into a rage, kicking the carriages and the doors. The same shaving He confirmed that version on social media, but gave him an explanation: «I wanted to be visited, I wanted some security, I was worried: they told me to wait, they put me in a green code – as he said on Instagram -. Not the implant’s fault: When I finished the procedure, the doctor told me to rest for a few days. I had to rest and sleep with a pillow and a bandage. After the operation, 2 hours later, I went down to the city center, I walked for a long time, like crazy. It was my fault”.

Post on social media: “I was getting worse and worse, I needed help”

His face swelled disproportionately, so he had to call 118, which took him to the hospital. “There they made me wait an hour in the ambulance, my face was swelling more and more. I was afraid of going into anaphylactic shock so I asked for a cortisone shot. If I didn’t talk, no one would come to help me. However, an hour later, I was still very swollen, after “Six hours no one had checked me yet. So I went to the doctors to get help. I wanted to be checked, I wanted some safety, I was worried: they told me to wait, they put me in a green code.”

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When he saw himself “rejected,” he reacted badly: “There I got five minutes, I pushed the cart. I got out and kicked the door. On my way out there was a night watchman and I told him not to interfere or I would slap him twice.” I walked out, and my mother and brother came in for my help. They called the police, but nothing happened.”