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Lose Weight by Eating More: It Sounds Silly, But It’s Possible |  Nutrition experts shock everyone

Lose Weight by Eating More: It Sounds Silly, But It’s Possible | Nutrition experts shock everyone

Learn how to lose weight by eating more. You just need to do it right and follow the right rules to get back in shape quickly.

When it comes to weight loss diets, words never seem to be enough. In fact, studies in this sense follow each other constantly which always leads to new discoveries and modifications to the way we eat. In recent years, for example, there has been a need to move away from counting calories.

Find out how to lose weight by eating more (

And all for the sake of eat more. It seems, in fact, that to lose weight, it doesn’t matter how many calories you eat as much as what you eat. Of course, exceeding your calorie needs will always lead to weight gain but that number isn’t everything. on the contrary, Learn how to eat well and in a balanced way It can change things up for the better, helping you feel full and lose weight without too many sacrifices.

How to lose weight by eating more: the rules that must be followed

Let’s start from the assumption that in order to eat right, it is very important to have a good nutritional education and some basics about the properties of foods. So having these concepts can be helpful Consult a dietician which explains each part of its programme, thus allowing you to gain the basic foundations of healthy eating. The key to life without dieting is actually learning how to eat healthy and doing it for life. It is in this context that the possibility of eating more food comes. Obviously, this does not mean overindulging in pasta or junk food, however Choose healthy foods Which, with the same calories, contain fewer while satiating much more.

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Find out how to lose weight by eating more (

In fact, 100 calories giving her a candy bar won’t have the same effect as 100 calories giving her a slice of whole wheat bread with peanut cream. This is because the former would raise the level of insulin (aka the hormone that makes you fat) while the latter would keep it stable. The difference is due to the presence of fiber, protein, and good fats in baking with peanut cream, which is dramatically superior to candy made in place of just sugars.

a The rule that can be applied to any foodAnd reach for consuming more without gaining weight and even getting a slimming effect. Here, whole grain pasta instead of white pasta can make a difference. The same applies to a serving of fish or white meat to replace red meat. Fruit instead of dessert will be much larger, and a salad with protein and good fats will fill you up much more than a small sandwich. All the tricks you just need to acquire, perhaps, with the Japanese rules for losing weight and maintaining it. Results? Life is no longer on a diet And without feeling hungry. And all while getting more energy and losing the weight you’ve always wanted.