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Is your mattress old?  Extreme attention to health, it can become dangerous

Is your mattress old? Extreme attention to health, it can become dangerous

Did you know that a mattress that is too old can be dangerous to your health? His age, in fact, is a detail that should not be overlooked.

Many are convinced that sleeping on a decades-old mattress does not pose a particular problem. In fact, they sometimes seem to trust the “service status” of the instrument that has so long embraced their deepest dreams.

As we get older, the mattress can become an enemy of our health –

However, things are not quite like this: when we talk about mattresses, the service life does not matter much. Conversely, the older they are, the more likely they are to cause health problems for the people who sleep on them every night. Exactly, this habit can pose many risks. In fact, the mattress should be replaced after a certain number of years (obviously variable depending on the conditions in which it is found).

After how long can the mattress we sleep on become a health hazard?

The seniority of the attaché in question cannot be neglected, since it is strict Related to the quality of our sleep. This means that it is an essential component of our existence, being responsible for achieving balance in most bodily functions. In the opinion of many experts, the conditions of the mattress we rest our heads on each night can negatively impact our comfort.

When a mattress that is too old is bad for your health
It is important to regularly check the condition of our mattress –

Little to nothing means a mattress should look good, even after 20-30 years of use. This does not mean at all that it is actually in ideal conditions. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that mattresses are very old It can amplify health problems Such as rhinitis, bronchitis, or sinusitis.

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But not only that: according to some physiotherapists, an old mattress can also lead to this Complications of musculoskeletal origin, can no longer adequately support the weight of the spine or neck area. Its average duration should not exceed 5-10 years of “life”. A variable time, of course, depending on the way the tool is used and maintained.

Cleaning should not be neglected either: the mattress every 15 days It must be cleaned well We have to continue rotating it, a procedure that reverses the main stress points of our body. This way we will allow it to resume its original shape.

There are also behaviors that experts do not recommend in order not to shorten the “life” of our mattress. For example, it is Better not jump on it Or sit on its edges. However, the litmus test can be obtained when we notice that the mattress at night no longer makes us sleep as well as it used to and we find it difficult to sleep. In this case we can be sure that it is time to send it into “retirement” and replace it with a new one.