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Now the new BA.2.86 variant can change the history of the epidemic;  the reasons

Now the new BA.2.86 variant can change the history of the epidemic; the reasons

A different type of covid virus is spreading: BA.2.86

A new type of coronavirus, BA.2.86, is spreading, and this is not good news; Let’s see the reasons.

Newspaper Republicaccording to its online edition This strain is profoundly diverse It is now of interest to virologists and epidemiologists. At the moment this has not been announced as a concern beforeGlobal Health OrganizationBut the next few weeks will be crucial for understanding whether we are really dealing with a surge like this Changing the history of the epidemic.

It was first reported on Israel on August 12, 2023The variant was found immediately in two Danish patients, geographically distant and without any contact between themselves or a Middle Eastern country; Currently there are about a dozen around the world, but apparently that number will grow It was greatly underestimatedInterest in the virus and its sequences has decreased a lot since the height of the pandemic.
Find the same viral sequence in the monitor Wastewater in Thailand, Spain and Switzerland Experts convinced: BA.2.86 It should already be Spread everywhereeven if it does not take responsibility for the huge rise in cases and hospitalizations that are being recorded in some countries, mostly due to the almost complete absence of restrictions.

The new alternative is presented More than thirty mutations contains the spike protein, which is essential for adhesion to human cells and for neutralization by antibodies. Now we need to understand whether The circulating vaccines will have the same effect on them as well.
Anticipated sera were produced next fall against the XBB.1.5 variant (A legendary sea monster), but recent data suggests that it may also provide good protection against others, including EG.5 (Iris).
All that remains is to see how the coronavirus will evolve in the coming weeks, to understand whether we are really facing a pandemic or not The epidemic has changed.

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