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The Promise in Spanish: Cruz wants to kill…

The Promise in Spanish: Cruz wants to kill…

Let’s discover together the Spanish shows of La Promessa, a TV series broadcast from Monday to Friday on Canale 5: Here are the summaries of the episodes that will soon be broadcast on Canale 5!

They come back Spanish previews for La Promessa With a series of interesting surprises: everyone’s eyes are on her Lorenzo. Coro’s father will pretend to ally himself with Cruz to obtain Juan’s inheritance, but he will fall in love with his new ally Elisa and save her from the Marquis’ machinations. But let’s find out together what the previews of the episode will be broadcast soon as it is revealed in detail 4.40 pm On channel 5.

The Promise in Spanish: Bea kills the Baron

They come back Foreign previews of the promise And new characters on the way will create some chaos. We’re talking about Elissa, The baroness appointed by Juan as his sole heir. It all starts when Piya kills Baronthe man who raped her several times, just when… He’s about to abuse poor Teresa. Fortunately, the maid will be able to count on the support of her friends: Jana First of all, but also Candela, Simona and Teresa herself. slim They will hide the Baron’s body and he will think for a long time that he simply disappeared.

Promising Spanish Preview: Cruz teams up with Lorenzo

Once body Juan We will move forward with His will. CruzHowever, there will be a nasty surprise: His father left everything to a certain ElsaHe appointed her as his sole heir. The Dark Lady is clearly not ready for this and intends to obtain the inheritance, and for this reason, she will be willing to make deals and weave dense plots. The Marchioness would not fail to ally herself with Lorenzo, Eugenia’s husband in theory and Coro’s father officially. as always Cruz She will be sure that the situation is at hand…

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Lorenzo falls in love with Elisa in the Spanish preview

Cruz He will take another hard hit: Lorenzo will fall in love with the Baroness. This situation would spoil the Marchioness’s plan Willing to kill Elisa to get the inheritance. This will only be thanks to you Lorenzo Self The woman will be able to save herself and Cruz’s planThis time, smoke will billow. What will happen now? Will the Marquis give up the situation? and who is he Elissa? All that’s left is to wait for the next one Foreign previews of the series Find it outside!

The Promisethe Spanish series, broadcasts from Monday to Friday at 4.40pm on Channel 5.