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Beijing Express Gianmarco Petrelli, the dancer's friend, intervenes in the case of Artem and Megan Rhea

Beijing Express Gianmarco Petrelli, the dancer's friend, intervenes in the case of Artem and Megan Rhea

The issue of Artem and Megan Ria born in Beijing Express is still under discussion and the response arrives from the dancer's friend, former Amici 22 student Gianmarco Petrelli.

a Beijing Express Some statements by one of the competitors sparked debate. Artem TkachukOn the contrary Megan Rheaa former talent show student Amici From the twenty-second edition. The actor – known for his role in TV series Mare Fuori – did not want to mingle with his teammate, citing respect for his housemate as the reason. This behavior sparked various reactions, including the reaction of the dancer's friend, a former student Gianmarco Petrelli.

Gianmarco Petrelli intervenes in the Artem-Megan Ria case on Beijing Express in defense of his girlfriend

An episode of the show aired on Thursday, April 11 Beijing Express This sparked several controversy on social media, especially since fans of the program did not approve of some of the statements Artem Tkachuk verso Megan Rhea. The two found themselves competing against each other, due to an unexpected development that led to the teams being mixed up. However, the actor did not want to cooperate with him too much Meganalso avoid talking to her too much and the reason why users on the web are speechless.

ArtemIn fact, he decided to adopt this behavior to avoid misunderstanding and jealousy on the part of his girlfriend:

“I have a woman at home and I don't feel like having relationships with other women, it's a matter of principle for me […]I have a wife who I don't want to think one day, after she watches the show, that she might have weird thoughts or strange thoughts. “I'm a man of principles, I'm old school, it's a matter of privacy.”

,His words shocked the dancer, who did not hide her displeasure, because she had expected at least more respect from her teammate. Moreover, he explained immediately Megan RheaShe is happily engaged Gianmarco Petrellia former student of Amici22. It was the latter who intervened, and reposted a video clip mocking the situation ArtemAya is somewhat primitive and misogynistic Megan Rhea And admiring the various positive comments towards the dancer and her journey Beijing Express.

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