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Less than a year after the 24th Games in Paris, Olympic boxing has become a stormy sea

Less than a year after the 24th Games in Paris, Olympic boxing has become a stormy sea

August 21, 2023

Today, August 21, 2023, 339 days after the Paris ’24 Olympics and five years after the Los Angeles ’28, amateur boxing is still sailing on a stormy sea.
But nothing seems to matter to those who should be directly interested, the operators of the sport.
On June 22, the International Olympic Committee removed the International Boxing Federation from running the Games. Now the IBA says it has taken the issue to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, challenging the IOC’s own decision.
Chaos pushes boxing out of Olympic competitions, despite the assurances it has received.
At the moment, there is no international reference federation for boxing, one recognized by the body that runs the Olympics (a competition in which the organization of the Olympic tournament, in two editions of the Games, was in the important hands perhaps of the IOC).
World Boxing is the new league born with the aim of replacing the IBA (formerly AIBA) in this role.
To this day, there are only very few affiliated national federations.
The United States, New Zealand, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Australia joined. Canada is considering doing so.
They remain within the IBA: All of Africa, All of Asia, Europe (except Great Britain and the Netherlands), America (except the United States).
The International Boxing Association, in a recent statement, claimed to have reached A.J budget Enough to cover the next four years of activity. It has a sponsor (Gazprom) with a two-year contract worth $50 million, as well as other supporting sponsors and technical sponsors.
It has a calendar that includes continental and world championships.
World Boxing has yet to announce a single event, the budget It is very limited. It was established in April 2023 and its media, organizational and programmatic presence is still imperceptible.
In the massacre game, Italy has already made its position known. It is one and only it will be, because it is the only one available to the FPI as an organization interested, financially and politically, in subjects (CONI, Sport and Health) whose reference is the International Olympic Committee.
And then, when called, it will leave the IBA.
And at that point he would be in formidable trouble. Inability to get its affiliates to do business. Is the concept clear?
I will explain. Sports International announced today that it will accept athletes from any country, regardless of which country condition of the federation to which they belong, in its competitions. But tomorrow, when the two teams are officially on the field with rivals on their side, what will he say about the problem?
I stop here.
In the Italian boxing world, I’m talking about masters/boxers/managers/ASDs, there doesn’t seem to be the slightest interest in the subject. There is no need for understanding and knowledge. The arrival of the hurricane has been announced, but the boundaries of interests remain confined to narrow spaces. Those boxers, from their gym. We are talking, quite rightly, about the scourge of ridiculous judgments, lack of money, and objective difficulties. All valid arguments. But we must understand that if the castle collapses, there will be nothing left to complain about.
It is the right/duty of every member belonging to a group to understand as much as possible the dynamics taking place in the ocean in which they are navigating.
However, the problem did not seem to concern the majority of Italian boxing.
FPI errors have affected the sport for at least a quarter of a century. But on this occasion, instead of formally announcing his position which would take sides, what else could he do?
Boxing folks certainly can’t take to the streets and fight to pay for one side or the other. However, I hope he feels the need to really understand the world he lives in and what that world holds for those who have been associated with boxing for generations.

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