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FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 calendar: daily schedules from the group stage to the final, program, TV, broadcast


Less and less until the start of the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023. In fact, starting this Friday, August 25, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines will be the stage for the World Championship, which is reaching its 32nd edition. Spain, led by Sergio Scarillo, will try to assert their title four years ago, with France and the United States poised to put up an equal battle with Italy, led by Gianmarco Bouzico.

starts with The first stage is from Friday, August 25th to Thursday, August 31stwith thirty-two participants who were divided into eight groups of four teams each. The top two seeds will advance to the second stage (always in groups) scheduled for September 2nd and 3rd.They take with them the points accumulated in the previous one. From here, the eight best players will come out and compete in the tournament Quarterfinals scheduled respectively at September 4 and 5which will be determined Semi-finalists (Racing scheduled for Friday, September 8). The final match that will award the title will take place on Sunday 10 September at 14:40 Italian time.

Basketball, Italy defeats Brazil in a friendly match, scoring six out of six! Fontecchio scorer

Let’s summarize below the calendar from the first match to the final, with the times indicated and clearly indicating the time zone of Rome (when available). The World Championship will be hosted for the first time by three different countries (Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines), with the final stage being in one place in Manila in a wonderful atmosphere. Manila Circuit – Where, among other things, Italy, led by Gianmarco Buzzico, will play in the first group stage. there He lives It will guarantee everyone that it is not encrypted Rai 2 HD (Digital Terrestrial 2 Channel) for Italbasket matches, while the entire competition will be broadcast to subscribers on Sky Sports (scheduling still being finalized). The live broadcast will be available to all RaiPlay (for Azzurri matches) And for subscribers sky goAnd Now TV And Dazen.

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FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 calendar

Fri 25 Aug 31 Aug
The first phase
10:00 AngolaItaly (Manila, Group A)

10:00 Finland – Australia (Okinawa, Group E)

10:45 am Mexico – Montenegro (Manila, Group D)

11:15 Latvia – Lebanon (Jakarta, Group H)

14:00 Dominican Republic – Philippines (Manila, Group A)

2.10pm Germany-Japan (Okinawa, Group E)

2:30 pm: Egypt – Lithuania (Manila, Group D)

15:30 Canada – France (Jakarta, Group H)

Saturday 26th August
The first phase
10:00 South Sudan – Puerto Rico (Manila, Group B)

10:00 Cape Verde-Georgia (Okinawa, Group F)

10:45 am between Jordan and Greece (Manila, Group C)

1.30pm Slovenia-Venezuela (Okinawa, Group F)

14:00 Serbia – China (Manila, Group B)

2.40pm USA – New Zealand (Manila, Group C)

3.30 pm Spain – Ivory Coast (Jakarta, Group G)

Sunday 27 August
The first phase
10 o’clock ItalyDominican Republic (Manila, Group A)

10:30 Australia-Germany (Okinawa, Group E)

10.45 am Montenegro – Egypt (Manila, Group D)

11.45 am between Lebanon and Canada (Jakarta, Group Eight)

14:00 Philippines – Angola (Manila, Group A)

2.10pm Japan-Finland (Okinawa, Group E)

14:30 Lithuania-Mexico (Manila, Group D)

15:30 France – Latvia (Jakarta, Group H)

Monday 28 August
The first phase
10:00 China – South Sudan (Manila, Group B)

10:00 Venezuela-Cape Verde (Okinawa, Group F)

10.45 am New Zealand – Jordan (Manila, Group C)

11.45 am Ivory Coast – Iran (Jakarta, Group G)

1.30pm Georgia – Slovenia (Okinawa, Group F)

14:00 Puerto Rico – Serbia (Manila, Group B)

2.40pm GREECE-USA (Manila, Group C)
3.30pm BRAZIL-SPAIN (Jakarta, Group G)

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Tuesday 29 August
The first phase
9:30 a.m. between Germany and Finland (Okinawa, Group E)

10:00 Angola – Dominican Republic (Manila, Group A)

10.45 am Egypt time – Mexico (Manila, Group D)

11.45 am Lebanon – France (Jakarta, Group Eight)

1.10 pm Australia – Japan (Okinawa, Group E)

2.00 p.m Italy – Philippines (Manila, Group A)

2:30 pm Montenegro – Lithuania (Manila, Group D)

15:30 Canada – Latvia (Jakarta, Group H)

Wed 30 Aug
The first phase
10:00 South Sudan – Serbia (Manila, Group B)

10:00 Georgia – Venezuela (Okinawa, Group D)

10:40 USA-Jordan (Manila, Group C)

11:45 Côte d’Ivoire – Brazil (Jakarta, Group G)

1.30pm Slovenia-Cape Verde (Okinawa, Group F)

14:00 China – Puerto Rico (Manila, Group B)

2.40 pm Greece – New Zealand (Manila, Group C)

15:30 Iran – Spain (Jakarta, Group G)

Thursday 31st August

Center classification groups 17-32
A3-B4 (Manila, Group M)

B3-A4 (Manila, Group M)

C3-D4 (Manila, Group N)

D3-C4 (Manila, Group N)

E3-F4 (Okinawa, O pool)

F3-E4 (Okinawa, O pool)

G3-H4 (Jakarta, Group P)

H3-G4 (Jakarta, Group P)

Friday Sep 1st
The second phase
A1-B2 (Manila, Group A)

B1-A2 (Manila, Group A)

C1-D2 (Manila, Group J)

D1-C2 (Manila, Group J)

E1-F2 (Okinawa, K pool)

F1-E2 (Okinawa, K pool)

G1-H2 (Jakarta, Group L)

H1-G2 (Jacara, Group L)

Saturday, September 2nd

Center classification groups 17-32
A4-B4 (Manila, Group M)

A3-B3 (Manila, Group M)

C3-D3 (Manila, Group N)

C4-D4 (Manila, Group N)

E3-F3 (Okinawa, O pool)

E4-F4 (Okinawa, O pool)

G3-H3 (Jakarta, Group P)

G4.H4 (Jakarta, Group P)

Third Sunday of September
The second phase

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A1-B1 (Manila, Group J)

A2-B2 (Manila, Group J)

C1-D1 (Manila, Group K)

C2-D2 (Manila, Group K)

E1-F1 (Okinawa, K pool)

E2-F2 (Okinawa, Group K)

G1-H1 (Jakarta, Group L)

G2-H2 (Jakarta, Group L)

Tuesday, September 5th
I1-J2 (Manila)

J1-I2 (Manila)

Wed 6 Sept
K1-L2 (Manila)

L1-K2 (Manila)

Thursday, September 7th
SEMIFINALS 5th – 8th place
Loser I1-J2-Loser K1-L2 (Manila)

Loser J1-I2-Loser L1-K2 (Manila)

Friday, September 8th
Vincente I1-J2-Vincente K1-L2 (Manila)

Vincent J1-I2-Vince L1-K2 (Manila)

Saturday, September 9th
7th last place (Manila)

Last 5th place (Manila)

Sunday Sep 10
10:30 3rd last place (Manila)

2.40pm 1st Place Final (Manila)

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 schedule: Where to catch it on TV and stream

He lives: free-for-all on Rai 2 HD (digital terrestrial channel 2) for Italy matches; For Sky Sports subscribers (the schedule will be determined)

Live broadcast: RaiPlay for everyone (for Italy matches); For subscribers of SkyGO, Now TV and Dazen

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