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Leaving New York Half Naked - Libero Quotidiano

Leaving New York Half Naked – Libero Quotidiano

Goodbye New York. Ilary Blasey He leaves the Big Apple, after staying with his sister Silvia and some mutual friends. Stay true to what the Mediaset presenter said with these provocative clips. But Blassie isn’t the only person being photographed. Elsewhere, in the UAE, here is the ex-husband Francesco Totti immortalize with the new partner Naomi Bocchi. This is the couple’s first public outing.

So that Blassie’s photos are provocative? Can. What is certain is that the Canale 5 presenter does not seem to fear the cold. In the pictures, in fact, you can see it using Ultra low cut jumpsuit And silver pants but also a very short dress and high heels. Meanwhile, lawyers are rumored to be working to reach an agreement between the two exs.

Blasi would like Totti’s watches, the ones she had already hidden, to remain with her three children Christian, Chanel and Isabelle, while the suitcases would return to the possession of the TV presenter found in the sauna of her house in the Eurozone. The lawyer replied: “I maintain complete confidentiality out of respect for my clients.” Antonio ConteTotti’s attorney, to clear up any inaccurate rumors about the potential agreement in court.

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