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L'Aquila stops, a beam of light in memory of 309 victims – News

L'Aquila stops, a beam of light in memory of 309 victims – News

A beam of light illuminates the central courtyard of the Palazzo di Citta on the night of the 15th anniversary of the 6 April 2009 earthquake that killed 309 people. Disrupting the life of the capital of Abruzzo and 55 municipalities in Abruzzo.

The night once again marks a moment of contemplation and meditation with a torch light procession crossing the city touching the most affected areas of the earthquake recorded at 3.32 am. An event that has changed its form over the years and has grown without ceasing to represent a moment of reflection, sharing and rebirth of a society that looks to the future without leaving the past behind. Two young people from L'Aquila represent the future, both born in 2009 and enrolled in the city conservatory, invited to light the brazier in the Parco della Memoria at the end of the corridor. Began via XX Settembre near the court.

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They are Elisa Nardi, who studied percussion for her musical training, and Tommaso Sponta, a cello student. In Memory and Future, Vincenzo and Federico Vittorini, like father and son, are voices of identity between the victims' families. “This is the moment when we have to pass the baton to the new generation – underlining the younger ones – an entire society affected by the earthquake, especially the younger ones, we need to invest in them to create new opportunities within society.” What happened in L'Aquila has a lot to say for the rest of the peninsula.

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“This is a lesson to be learned by Sergio Bianchi, who lost a son in the earthquake – at a time when the country is rebuilding without interruption – while no one is thinking about rebuilding our families,” insists. The torchlight procession followed, the lighting of the brazier, the reading of the names of the 309 victims, and then the Holy Mass in honor of those who died in the earthquake, celebrated by the Metropolitan Archbishop of L'Aquila Giuseppe Petrocchi. Basilica of the Holy Souls. Finally, at 3.32, the index bell rang.

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