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Entrance ticket in Venice, Capri disembarkation fee, maxi-Ztl in Florence

Entrance ticket in Venice, Capri disembarkation fee, maxi-Ztl in Florence

New taxes on offensive tourism coming. A Venice The 5 euro entry ticket will debut on April 25, Liberation Day: an entry fee only for hit-and-run tourists, i.e. everyday visitors who want to simply walk the canals. TO Capri Instead, those getting off the ferry this weekend pay a €5 disembarking tax for the first time: the tax doubles on Easter Monday. Last summer too Ponza e Come They decided to increase the tax.

At the same time, the tourism tax is also continuously increasing. TO Padua In July there will be an increase of 0.5 euros for hotels of three stars and above. Summer is also increasing Breccia, in 2023 it had two million more tourists than the previous year and handled over tourism. TO Roma After the summer, the tourist tax at ultra-luxury hotels was raised to ten euros. Further Napoli Rates have been revised upwards in recent months, a Milano. But the Access Ticket to Venice is an absolute first.

Poly model
Other cities around the world are thinking about it, but nothing is as clear as Venice's form, which is practically an island and allows more control over entry into the city. In the world, Bali, which is actually an island, is the only one in the world that has adopted a similar solution: starting this year, foreign visitors must pay a €9 “entry tax” when they get off the plane.

But how does the ticket for day tourists in Venice work in more detail? It is due on 29 days in 2024, on busy days coinciding with holidays and long weekends. As mentioned, 5 euros per person, 14 years and older. Exceptions are expected, for example, European Disability Card holders and their companions, as well as residents of Veneto, their relatives, travelers and students studying in schools and universities in ancient cities or small islands. The tax is paid directly on the municipality portal, after which you will receive a voucher with a QR code and your name to show to the authorities during checks. Also, controls play a decisive role in the success of the operation.

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Be careful, because the fines are steep. Anyone found without a QR code will be fined between 50 and 300 euros, plus the cost of the ticket. As mentioned, an access ticket to Venice is not required every day of the year. 5 euros are offered on May 1st, June weekends and July first two weekends.

In August, on the other hand, hit-and-run tourists will not find “obstacles” in their way.
Fees will change next year. It ranges from 3 to 10 euros depending on the days and arrival. In other words, it is definitely more convenient to visit Piazza San Marco on less crowded days. It is estimated that Serenissima will collect around 5 million euros in 2024 from the new access tax.

To avoid the influx of tourists, Florence has chosen a different route when it comes to entry tickets. Here in May, we will start experimenting with a maxi ZTL, a green shield covering an area of ​​38 square kilometres, about 66% of which is populated. The goal is to reduce emissions, but thanks to the cameras placed at the entrance of the Super ZTL, this solution emanating from the Palazzo Vecchio could be used in the future to monitor the daily tourists coming to the city. It also makes them pay a kind of “entry tax”.

Meanwhile, according to the JFC national monitoring body on tourism tax, the tax brought 702 million euros to the coffers of Italian municipalities in 2023, 13.4% more than the previous year. An achievement. There are more than a thousand mayors who tax tourists for overnight stays. A third of the wealth generated by the tax, 36.8%, almost 260 million euros, went to the municipalities of central Italy in 2023.

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