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The Italian police?  It has the best look in the world.  Gardner's word, former U.S. ambassador

The Italian police? It has the best look in the world. Gardner’s word, former U.S. ambassador

Alessandro Michael and his Gucci collection are not the only ones capturing the new America from the runway in Los Angeles now on Hollywood Boulevard. Instead of going to the catwalk, now that elegant Italian policewoman is getting applause for her appearance. This is not a late fashion blogger, but former US Ambassador to the EU Anthony Gardner on Twitter

Gala posted a photo of two policemen in uniform. Above further comment: “Italy has the best dressed police force in the world. No competition”. And the comments below: “But can they catch the bad guys with those clothes?”, One writes. Another replied: “Superheroes always wear caps!”.

Well, agents may not become Batman and Superman when they wear clothing, but agents who wear it always have a certain physical strength. And higher than the national average. Including women. Anyway you know, the compliments are always fantastic … so the police under Gardner’s comment put a good Like on Thanksgiving.

You know that uniform with the midnight blue cape has always been his number one in terms of clothing: agents wear it during ceremonies and high quality services. They place it at sacred funerals and, if desired, on the wedding day. The jacket and trousers are made to measure, with lots of ropes (frogs on the shoulders) giving a slightly retro touch. The trousers, unlike the more comfortable and informal dress, have a double scarlet stripe. I.e., a subtlety between red and purple. Used like this, many agents were found during the G20. Every day two brave policemen with robes and swords are placed in front of the palazzo. “This is our best uniform – they proudly explain it to the state police – it was launched in ’56, and until then the uniforms worn by the guards on horseback had been reconsidered and considered to be the most” smart “up to that point. Than their colleagues”.

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However, the hood is only put on in the winter. “It’s too heavy – they explain – so in the summer you’re without it”. Saber, on the other hand, is a “four seasons”. And it was never placed.