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La Liga: Where to watch La Liga

La Liga: Where to watch La Liga

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Where to see the Spanish league wherever you are

The 2023-24 EA Sports LaLiga Spanish Football League will take place between August 11, 2023 and May 24, 2024.These are some of the channels and platforms where you can watch the matches every day, depending on your location:

  • Spain: Movistar+, LaLiga TV Hypermotion, Orange TV
  • Italy: There are no free channels broadcasting the Spanish league
  • Swiss: There are no free channels broadcasting La Liga

If you have a subscription to one of these platforms but are outside of Italy, you will not be able to stream La Liga, since most of them are geo-restricted. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to get around these restrictions:
Adequate Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)a simple and secure application that allows you to change your IP address location to unblock all kinds of online content.

A VPN also helps you save money, as you can connect to a server in a Latin American country and from there subscribe to a streaming service that broadcasts La Liga live for much cheaper than in Europe or the United States. Although the broadcast will be in Spanish.

To watch La Liga, we recommend NordVPN, a VPN that works perfectly for accessing live streams from around the world, as it has servers and IP addresses from over 90 countries, many of them Optimized for broadcast platforms that broadcast football matches.

For more details on how to watch La Liga in Spain and not miss a single football match, see the full article below.

The 2023-24 edition of the Spanish football league, La Liga, now known as La Liga EA Sports. Barcelona won the championship title last year and will try to keep it. Other top-flight teams such as Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla are all looking to battle for first place in the tournament. Are you looking for a way to watch La Liga matches? Want to know how not to miss any? In this article we will give you all the answers.

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Where to watch La Liga matches live

This is the list of channels and broadcast platforms that will broadcast the Spanish League matches in the 2023-24 season, according to the site:

village The official channels of the Spanish League
Italy No Italian channel will broadcast La Liga without encoding
Swiss No Swiss channel will broadcast La Liga without encryption
United State aspen
ESPN Sports
Spain Movistar+
LaLiga TV Hyper Motion
orange tv

For LaLiga live streaming (as well as other sports leagues or any live streaming content), we recommend NordVPN.

  • This is a cheap VPN considering its performance: 3.49 euros per month
  • progress 30 day free trial
  • More than 5,400 servers around the world

Where do you watch the Spanish league in Italy?

In Italy, it is possible to watch La Liga football matches on some Pay TV platformsbut not on Free TV.
If you’re outside the country, you can access your streaming accounts using a VPN that gives you an Italian IP address; We suggest you try NordVPN, which according to our review is the best VPN.

Watch the Spanish Football League matches for free

There is no free streaming platform that broadcasts the entire LaLiga tournament. British platform ITV extension will be sent for free only Ten games into the 2023-24 season.

While the matches that will be available to watch have not yet been announced, it is said that matches of teams such as Barcelona, ​​​​Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will be included.
Please note that the ITVX platform is only available to users based in the United Kingdom. If you are not in the UK, You will need a VPN like NordVPN to change your IP address to a UK one and open the content.

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Watch La Liga Cheaper: How To Save Money

If you want to watch La Liga live but don’t want to pay an expensive subscription, You can create an account on a cheaper foreign streaming platform Like Star+ (in Spanish). To do this, you will need to change your IP address with a VPN, after which you will be able to surf the Internet as if you were in a Latin American country.

In Argentina, for example, subscribe to Star+ It costs less than 6 euros per month. This platform, which is owned by ESPN, broadcasts via live streaming All matches in the Spanish LeagueIn addition to other football leagues such as Copa Libertadoresthe Champions League and the Premier League. I also broadcast live Grand Slam Tennis and competitions Formula 1 And Moto GP.

Star Plus Football Options

To this end, we recommend choosing a VPN such as: Surfsharkwhich has servers in more than 15 countries in Latin America and gives you access to different streaming platforms in the region.

La Liga calendar 2023-24: When will El Clásico matches take place?

The EA Sports Liga tournament will start on August 11, 2023 and end on May 24, 2024. There will be 38 matches in total. These are the tournament dates:

match date day
Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid September 24, 2023 6
Barcelona – Real Madrid October 29, 2023 11
Seville – Betis November 12, 2023 13
Barcelona – Atletico Madrid December 3, 2023 15
Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid February 4, 2024 23
Atletico Madrid – Barcelona March 17, 2024 29
Real Madrid – Barcelona April 21, 2024 32
Betis – Seville April 28, 2024 33

LaLiga is one of the most exciting football leagues in the world and the best way to be sure of that Do not miss even the game is using a VPN. This tool allows you to access all streaming platforms no matter where you are.

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Is your team playing while you’re on vacation? Is it the day of the Barcelona-Real Madrid derby and do you have to go abroad for work? Don’t worry, VPN like NordVPN He can help you. By connecting to a VPN server in your home country, you will be able to access all streaming platforms, not only sports, but also movies and series like Netflix, HBO or Disney+.

  • Large global network of high-speed VPN servers
  • No logs policy, perfect for privacy
  • Great for streaming sports and Netflix

Visit NordVPN

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Where can I watch La Liga – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions about how to watch EA Sport LaLiga football, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Where do you watch the Spanish league in Italy?

No free channels will broadcast La Liga in Italy. However, it is possible to choose a paid subscription on some platforms or use a VPN to access platforms in other countries that broadcast for free, such as ITVX.

Where can you watch Spanish football for free?

British platform ITVX will broadcast ten La Liga matches for free (commentary in English). This platform can only be accessed with a UK IP address, so if you are not in the UK, you will need to use a VPN to access it. There are no other official platforms that stream Spanish football for free.