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Follow the conference and interviews after Napoli Lazio Live

Follow the conference and interviews after Napoli Lazio Live

11:46 p.m

Garcia and the curtain with Lazio correspondent

“Sir, have we returned the church to the center of the village?” asks a journalist from Rome who follows Lazio to the Napoli coach. Garcia answers like this: “Congratulations to Lazio, but we quickly equalized after their first goal. In the second half, as in the first, they scored with the first shot but we weren’t very good at scoring again. Lazio also have fast players and they were good in attack”. Open field. We accept defeat, sometimes things don’t go right, that’s football… without the church“.

11:45 p.m

Garcia at Osimhen’s trial

“He played in the second half like a team, in the first he didn’t have exciting situations but he was always a burden on the opposition defense and created space for others. We were in a hurry to get even. We had to be more calm in building events“.

11:42 p.m

Garcia’s words at the press conference

After the interview with Dazen napoli coach, Rudy GarciaConnect with reporters in the press room: “Let’s not throw everything away because we lost today, I hate to lose but now let’s start over I hope I’m doing well after the international break. When you play every three days there is more room for everyone, like Mario Roy and Lindstrom coming into the second half, so you can improve. Difficulties in the defensive phase? It’s not just a matter of plantsBut he defended in 11 games, we had to be more aggressive and we lost some crucial matches like the second goal.

11:37 p.m

Garcia comments on Kvaratskhelia substitution

“It started really well then It faded a bit like the team in the second half And lost dangerous balls. He didn’t have the ninety minutes on his legsWe’ve already talked about it, but I’m happy because it showed how much a player can make a difference.”

11:35 p.m

Garcia in the defensive phase of Napoli

Here’s Rudy Garcia on DAZN mics: “We knew we didn’t have to open up because they have such strong and quick wingers, unfortunately we exposed ourselves but we were also unlucky and aggressive in some situations and we definitely need to improve. I did not expect the second half like this We managed the game less well but we could have equalized in the final and we weren’t very precise in attack. We had 22 shots and 0 goals on target in the second half. So it’s hard to tie.”

11.30 pm

Garcia comments on the knockout with Lazio

“We deserved to go ahead in the second half, we had an excellent first half. They scored from the first ball, we immediately equalized but In the second half we were less good at dribbling and creating chances and they deserved to win. all in all A tie would have been the fairer outcome. Boys have to learn that when you can’t win, at least you can’t lose.”

11:25 p.m

Politano’s remarks after the Napoli-Lazio match

Matthew Politano Stepped into DAZN: “In the second half we lost a lot of balls, Lazio were waiting for the counter-attacks to resume and we were unable to receive them. We lacked the speed to roll the ball, to get it out. There is a lot of work to do,” the coach has just arrived and it’s normal that he When there are changes you have to act. Spalletti in the national team? Will he show his talent as he did in Naples?”

11:15 p.m

A few minutes and Garcia will speak

There will be many curiosities for the Napoli coach, Rudi Garcia, who will have to comment on his team’s first league defeat. After successes with Frosinone and Sassuolo, here’s the first knockout of the season.

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11:05 p.m

Lindstrom’s debut is different from expectations

Garcia also lined up with newcomer Lindstrom in the second half who was unable to score as he would have liked. The Dane also had a great chance, but failed in the final. His former partner at Eintracht, Kamada, was decisive instead.

10:55 p.m

Naples, ol co. Lazio, here is the victory

Napoli lose their first match in the league, and Lazio win their first match thanks to goals from Luis Alberto and Kamada. And soon came the words of the champions and the analysis of the match. Paradoxical mood of technicians.

10:45 p.m

Napoli – Lazio 1-2: Garcia’s words will come soon

Napoli coach Rudi Garcia will soon speak on live television and at a press conference to comment on the first league defeat. Lazio beat the Azzurri 2-1 at Maradona Stadium.

Diego Armando Maradona Stadium – Naples