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Juventus, applause “together” for Conte and Zidane, memory of Vialli.  Ibtihaj by Del Piero: The story and words of the two former lovers |  first page

Juventus, applause “together” for Conte and Zidane, memory of Vialli. Ibtihaj by Del Piero: The story and words of the two former lovers | first page

With each other. This is the message Juventus wants to send at this event dedicated to celebrating the centenary of the Agnelli family’s ownership. He will do this through a special evening that will revolve around the main moment, which is the challenge between the legends. With the aim of strengthening Save the Children’s commitment.

11.55pm – Words by Patrice Evra

11.50pm – Words by Edgar davids

11.00 PM – John Elkann also spoke again: “My gratitude to all of you who are here and represent the Juventus family, the fans and the players. I am happy, 100 years is a long time. Tonight we were excited, we saw many beautiful things but we still have a lot to do in the future.”

10.55 pm – Microphone for Del Piero: “Feelings of joy, happiness and gratitude to the family, the players, the coaches, the people who worked here, the managers and the wonderful fans. It is a great pleasure to find you tonight and it is always a special emotion with these colours”

10.40pm – The Legends match ends, and Zidane closes it!
Zidane’s team – Del Piero’s team 9-6
In the ninth minute, everyone stood up to remember Gianluca Vialli.

Scorers: Evra (M), Davids (M), Torricelli (M), Matri (M), Matri (M); Di Livio (midfield), Iuliano (midfield), Matri (midfield), Del Piero (midfield), Iuliano (midfield), Ravanelli (midfield), Ferrara (midfield), Marchisio (midfield), Marchisio (midfield), Zidane (midfield) ).

White Juventus legends (Zidane’s team): Peruzzi, Torricelli, Juliano, Conte, Matri, Montero, Barzagli, Marchisio, Zidane. All platinum.
Black Juventus legends: Storari, Carrera, Di Livio, Pepe, Rafanelli, Ferrara, Evra, Mandzukic, Davids, Del Piero. All Libyan Bisotto.

10.35pm – also Montero He interjected: “I’m happy to be back and it’s good to be reunited with my former colleagues. We had a nice group and we seem to see each other every day. My memories are that I found Iuliano because we did the show together. “What I carry with me in my heart is the human group that was there At the level of the technical staff, doctors, administrators and players, and the humility that was there. Have you been thinking about becoming a coach? “At first when I stopped, ‘No,’ then I felt like it and I turned around. I’m happy to be in Turin, a city I love and I hope to continue at Juventus.”

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10.20 pm – Words by Gianluca Pessotto: “What do the Agnelli family and Juventus represent to me? It is a special and unique relationship, and I think it is a unique case in the world of this love relationship that exists between the Agnelli family and Juventus.” Juventus cannot exist without the Agnelli family and all their passion and ability to understand football. We are proud of this evening, an evening full of wonderful emotions and the beauty of the heroes’ response is a testament to how much good the family has done. “I have had the honor of being part of this wonderful team for many years.” “On the field and I’m lucky enough to be working with him today, so he’s the best for me and I’m really happy to be here this evening.”

22.05 – Words by Zinedine Zidane: “It’s very nice to be here with all these people and the Juventus family, it’s the most beautiful thing because we need these events every now and then and I’m happy to be here with all the Juventus fans. “We would like to play more often and see the fans. the future? I will enjoy my family and we will see later. Bench at Juve? As long as I am a coach, my name will always be linked, we will see later.”

10.00 pm – Antonio Conte also spoke via Sky microphones

“The Agnelli family has an inextricable link with this club, they represent it. We must thank those who still make the fans happy and satisfied. Time is ticking and it is nice to have all of us back here. The best memories are winning the World Cup.” The European Cup with Trapattoni and the first championship with Lippi.

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“The future? I enjoy my family. I made a clear choice when I decided to stop with Tottenham. I want to rest and enjoy my family but many things can happen along the way. Napoli? There is a need for great respect and education.”

9.20 pm – Juventus takes to the field in black, coached by Gianluca Pessotto and Marcelo Lippi. Applause for all, but there is only one chip: that of Alessandro Del Piero.

9.10pm – The lineup reading begins, starting with the black-and-white Juventus match led by Michel Platini. What applause for Antonio Conte, equal only to that reserved for Zinedine Zidane.

9.05pm – Words from Juventus coach Max Allegri

“A wonderful and exciting evening. We met those who made Juventus history, Lippi first and foremost. I have a long-standing relationship with him, he has always been a reference point. He was practical but successful, like Capello and Trapattoni.” “I saw again players who gave me a lot, they gave me many victories. I would also like to remember another legend like Bisotto who I work with every day. The greatest? Platini and Zidane, two exceptional players on a technical level.”

“I am happy and proud to be part of this family. I did not know how many derbies I had won but I still had a great desire to try to win. New titles? When you are here, you live under pressure. You have great responsibilities to achieve great successes, and this “It motivates you to do good work.”

21:00 – John’s words AlkanCEO of Exor, the holding company that controls Juventus, is present at the event.
“This evening you can feel one of the meanings of Juventus and it is also in the name: youth. It is a beautiful evening, with many young people and children and I am happy that we can see it because it is a strong moment. The future? Our family bond is 100 years old, passion is the most important thing, it is strong between My family and Juventus: As in all Juventus families, the secret is Juventus and it is the great love on the part of all of us Juventus fans, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Generation after generation. The young people in the family play football, Juventus is part of their life and ours. They are still playing.”

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8.50pm – The Juventus Family match begins, with VIPs, influencers and various friends from the Juventus world on the pitch.

8.30pm – We begin with a stirring celebratory video tracing some of the famous phrases from the black and white flags, concluding with a poignant remembrance of those who are no longer here. Then it’s show time