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Virtus Milan Match 2, Report Cards & Interviews - Bolognabasket

Virtus Milan Match 2, Report Cards & Interviews – Bolognabasket

Virtus Segafredo Bologna

Cordiner vote 6 – You spend in defense, but in attack you see very little.
manion vote 6 – Seven minutes of great grit and 4 rebounds, even if he does get a little out of his pace every now and then.
Bellinelli vote 6.5 – Burst 8 consecutive points in the second quarter, then a very important basket in the last quarter. Double number and presence.
Bagula vote 7 Well in defense, very good in attack with important points in the last quarter. Double volume has been missing for a while.
Alibegovic vote 6 – Flawless Minutes, good at suffering mistakes and scoring for free, something that wasn’t taken for granted this evening.
where he’s coming vote 7 – Come on for sure. Very present in the rebound (10 of which are 5 offensive) scoring a lot as well, with key points in the last quarter. He pleads against not-so-easy clients like Hines and Biligha.
Shengelia vote 8 – He fights with the basket if he shoots from a distance, 1/5 of a three and 1/6 of a free. But once it starts playing under it it becomes impossible to stop it. 22 points, 8 rebounds, even 3 blocks, Milan have no idea how to stop him tonight.
Hackett vote 6 – Hurts immediately – blow into the left hip – then back and able to make a good contribution. To understand his condition from the perspective of race 3.
Sampson vote 5.5 – Certainly worse than the first race, tonight does not affect. 1/4 shot and little presence.
and touches vote 7 – It’s important again, and it’s no coincidence that Virtus wins. Precious points and above all excellent defense in Shields, who were practically removed from the game after a great start.
Theodosic vote 7 Only one basket, but 8 very important passes. He manages his teammates very well, and plays to the end despite a blow to the finger in the third quarter.

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Scarello – A good recoil action was crucial. It’s well-balanced matches, and in this one we’ve gone further than the first. For us, controlling defensive rebounds means making the match at a pace we like the most. At first what I had to do was take Toko off the field, to calm him down a bit and regain confidence, the start was a little anxious. But here it works like this, if you’ve done something in your career and shown that it assumes something you keep showing on the pitch, it works for everyone, it’s the logic of things and Toko has proven it again. The player is also able to start poorly and then correct his performance. We had to break the line between Rodriguez and Heinz and today we were more careful and we did a good job, which was detrimental for us in the first race. Pajula? He was good, his performance weakened especially after Hackett’s injury. I am very happy with the game he played.
Do you want to win one in Milan? Of course, of course, it will be very difficult. Milan will enjoy great support from the host fans. The series is technically very well balanced, let’s see if we can emotionally make up for that little experience that we lack, especially under the basket.

MessinaCongratulations to Virtus, who played better than us, especially since the end of the second quarter, with excellent strength and defense. We missed many open pitches, and now the series is coming to Milan, we have to be prepared.
Bentel? It wasn’t his best night, the first match he played better, the day was conditioned on the problem he had in one of the matches.
It’s good that when we win you don’t ask me questions…
We are 1-1 after two very difficult games in Bologna. If we win this as well, we were thrilled, not win it, we fought and thinking about the next stage. Fight recovery? Key, so far whoever wins from rebound has won the match.

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