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Johnny Depp, videos will clear him of Amber Heard's accusations

Johnny Depp, videos will clear him of Amber Heard’s accusations

Johnny Depp’s judicial saga It appears to have reached a turning point for the actor, who can be acquitted of the accusations of ex-wife Amber Heard. In fact, his lawyers have been obsessed with some Los Ageles Police videos deny the complaints From domestic violence to the actress, after a heated argument in 2016.

Their fight was a long legal battle, which saw the ex-spouses clash without any restrictions. I actually heard, after only 15 months of marriage, she filed for divorce from Deep Argues Those who have experienced physical violence When he was drunk. The couple officially separated in January 2017, but in 2019 the actor accused the ex-wife of adultery and defamation, filed a complaint and demanded a total compensation of $ 50 million.

However, Johnny Depp found himself losing two lawsuits: one against Heard, then against it Sun, Who identified him in 2018 as a “female thug”, in a commentary on the story. Following the controversy arising from the accusations of the ex-wife, The actor was also excluded From the third installment of Epic Fantastic monsters Where he played a role Gellert Grindelwald.

A few months ago the actor, Through his attorney, recall the defamation lawsuit (and loss) filed against Sun. After a long debate, the judges decided to acquit the newspaper, confirming that Do not agree to the appeal To Deeb: “It is a victory for freedom of the press and for victims of domestic violence everywhere,” my lawyer explained Sun.

Depp commented on the ruling, His judgment is unfair and is influenced above all by Heard’s testimonies, Accused of promising to donate the divorce money to charity without doing so.

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Today, In a complex judicial matterAnother piece added: In fact, according to the star’s lawyers, some of the new videos, shot by the body camera of LAPD officers who answered the 911 call, will negate the full story told by the actress.

In fact, Heard said that during the heavy fighting, Depp was hit on her face with a phone, which tore off some locks of hair and left a mess in the kitchen. However, footage of customers arriving at the scene of the accident would prove otherwise. Depp’s attorney said, “Amber Heard and her friends described a messy and messy crime scene, but the newly released LAPD bodycam videos unequivocally show that the shed was completely intact and their testimony It was another great lie“.