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Martina Melidei Graduated from the Amici School: From Di Martino's Courtship to Elimination

Martina Melidei Graduated from the Amici School: From Di Martino’s Courtship to Elimination

The dancer, Martina Melide, is the new one that has been canceled from the fifth episode of this evening Friends of Maria de Felipe.

In the fifth stage, there are singers and 5 dancers: San Giovanni, Didi, and Serena from the team of Alessandra Celentano and Rudi Zerbi; Tancredi, Raphael, Martina and Alessandro from Arissa, Lorela Cocarini’s team, Aka 7 Fan, Julia and Samuel from Veronica Peparini and Anna Bettinelli’s team.

Tancredi, Martina, and Abe arrived in the final ballot. After Tancredi was rescued, the confrontation was between Martina and my dad. And it is the dancer who has to leave school. “It was a wonderful experience,” declared Maria de Felipe immediately after announcing.

Always supported by Professor Lorela Cocarini, Martina also fell in love with one of her classmates, Akafen.

However, there are those who are already talking about the crisis while spreading various rumors accordingly Dancer Stefano Di Martino will flirt, Former school dancer and referee this year’s edition.

If the gossip is confirmed, it won’t be the first time De Martino has found love within his talent studios. First story with Emma Maroni, then Belene Rodriguez and now Martina Melidey.

The dancer is twenty years old of Assimini origin in the province of Cagliari. She declared herself that she fell in love with dancing when she was only five years old, and watched the showgirl ballet “Striscia la storia” every night. Here she began studying dance and majored in Latin America.

When he was only ten years old, he suffered the loss of his father, who died in a car accident. Martina was always supported by Cocarini and Peparini, and she always had to face heavy criticism from Alessandra Celentano.

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