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Ivana Marazova: Throwing darts at Luca Unestini?

Ivana Marazova and Luca Onestini announced the end of their love story a few days ago. The ex-men’s and women’s tronista has been pressed along with several female presences lately and it looks like Ivana Marazova, in her Instagram stories, caught a glimpse of her ex-boyfriend!

The love story between Ivana Mrazova NS Luca Unistini It came to an end. The two met during the experiment Big Brother VIP 2They lived an intense relationship that lasted nearly four years. However, in the recent period, the couple seemed to have moved away a lot, and in fact, it was announced break up.

However, in the past few days, Luca Unistini It was compressed around the clubs along with several female presences: the last one in chronological order Maria Laura de Vitesse, the ex-girlfriend of 22-year-old Paolo Brusio. Perhaps evenings at the disco and days spent at the beach with friends did not go unnoticed even in the eyes Ivana Mrazova Who, last night, wanted to launch holes For an ex-boyfriend!

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Ivana Marazova: Disappointment with Luca Unestini?

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Ivana Mrazova He had already shown disappointment with Luca Unistini Only when the separation was announced, admitting that, contrary to what was announced by the previous tronista, the couple did not do enough to save their love.

So last night while he was in the kitchen preparing dinner for his family Ivana Mrazova Tasting a glass of wine commented like this:

“I cook for my family, I drink a glass of wine that seems a little to me…mmmm… Expired! “.

Not only that, the Czech model also wrote “Olee”, with the symbol of hands raised: for many it seems obvious the reference to Luca Onestini. ex-boyfriend will beExpired“in the eyes of Ivana Mrazova After he showed himself very relaxed and calm despite the new separation from the model. Which is the situation that prompted Ivana to launch this provocation through social media!

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