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Lotto and SuperEnalotto draw today July 3, 2021, winners by numbers and odds

Lotto and SuperEnalotto tie today August 17, 2021, score winning numbers and chances

Lotto, SuperEnalotto and 10eLotto live raffles today Tuesday 17 August, winning numbers live on starting at 20. The SuperEnalotto grand prize for those who guess the lucky sixth is €68.6 million. Here are the numbers drawn on the Lotto and 10eLotto reels and the Simbolotto winning symbols.

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the Lotto, SuperEnalotto and 10eLotto graphics today, Tuesday, August 17, 2021, and the winning numbers live on starting at 8pm. The SuperEnalotto collection for tonight’s competition has a prize pool of €68.6 million. The numbers drawn on the Lotto wheels will be sent first with the lucky combination of the evening 1oeLotto and finally the symbol symbols on the national wheel: to see the next drawing in real time, refresh this page.

At the end of the extractions, Sisal and Lottomatica will report the odds and winnings in the three lotteries.

Lotto draw today August 17, results

Here are the lotto numbers drawn today on all reels:

Barry: 84-48-30-61-2
Cagliari: 12-48-61-54-73
Florence: 58-73-21-61-49
Genoa: 1-60-39-36-52
Milan: 32-39-23-83-43
Naples: 83-48-52-89-54
Palermo: 37-47-55-36-41
Rome: 42-20-54-26-71
Turin: 40-52-22-33-13
Venice: 51-54-70-35-22
National: 20-30-78-8-20

Until today, Tuesday, August 17, 2021, the lotto draw is back. Like every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, this evening too, 5 numbers will be drawn on each of the lottery reels along with the winning tokens in Code On the National Wheel and the 10eLotto Evening Mix. on the site Lutautomatic, which manages the lottery on behalf of the Customs and Monopoly Agency, it will be possible to check your ticket.

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SuperEnalotto today August 17, winning numbers

SuperEnalotto winning combination: 2-3-10-38-64-70
Jolly Number: 69
Superstar Number: 39
Grand Prize: 68,600,000

For the SuperEnalotto draw today, Tuesday 17 August, there is a prize pool of €68.6 million available for grabs. No 6 or 5 + 1 positioned in the last draw of last Saturday. It will be possible to check the winning sestina and ultimately win the ticket by contacting the official website of SuperEnalotto.

Evening numbers 10eLotto combined with today’s Lotto drawing

The 10eLotto numbers for the evening raffle are: 1-12-20-30-32-37-39-40-42-47-48-51-52-58-60-61-73-83-84
The golden number is 84, the golden number is 84-48

Earnings and odds SuperEnalotto today Tuesday 17 August Results

Here are the winnings and odds for today’s SuperEnalotto draw, posted by sisal On her official website:

6 points: 0
Points 5 + 1: 0
5 points: 0
Points 4: 4 won 478.65 €
Points 3: 204 won 33.19 euros
Points 2: 2901 won 3.21 euros