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Italy’s tennis team is in third place in Valladolid

Italy’s tennis team is in third place in Valladolid

to’Italy Follower com. touchtennis He won third place in the Nations Competition held last week in Spain. Seven teams met over three days in the city of Valladolid, a guest of the Spanish Tennis Federation Castilla and Leon, in the second edition of the World Team Championship.

Four players for each team, in the absence of substitutes that would favor the home team. The competition includes group matches consisting of men’s singles, two women’s matches, and two mixed doubles matches. Italy, which came last in the previous edition, behind Russia, this year achieved third place, an unexpected goal on the eve of a completely renewed formation, and highlighting an important growth of the movement.

with Sofia Pasquito, Francesca del Idera, Steven Schmelzer, and Massimiliano Turati And assistant captain Lorenzo Brunetti, blue colors were more aptly represented. In the preliminary group with Germany, the Czech Republic and France, Italy qualified second and entered the semi-finals.

The match against England, which featured important players in the international tennis rankings, including Marcus Willis, who had reached the second round at Wimbledon in a popular exhibition match with Federer a few seasons earlier, ended 4-2 for the Britons, who then went on to win the final contest with Spain.

Italy first won the women’s singles and then lost the doubles, when one of them was within reach of the Azzurri. In the final match for third and fourth places, Italy then beat France 4-2, the team with whom it lost in the preliminary round, in a fatal tie-break after they tied 3-3 at the end of the six matches. .

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Therefore, third place behind England and Spain, ahead of France, Serbia (the surprise of the tournament), Germany and the Czech Republic, is an excellent result that rewards players who have trained hard in the weeks leading up to the event. The next edition, which will likely be held again in the same place and in the same period, will certainly see the first presence in the United States where the sport has only recently arrived, already winning over a large number of practitioners in less than a year.

The presence of Italy in both editions, unique with Spain, France and England, makes us understand the role of Bel Pais as the main actor in the spread of this system that has now become, starting with England.”Invaded“Across Europe even countries like the UAE (Dubai has a touch-only tennis club), the USA, India, South Korea and most of South America.