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The first picture of the searchers for the baby Jesus

The first picture of the searchers for the baby Jesus

Rome – The world’s first photo of varante Omicron, conducted in the field of research Multimodal medicine for baby Jesus It was coordinated by Professor Carlo Federico Perno, under the direct supervision of Professor Claudia Altieri, and in collaboration with Milan State University, by Valentino Costabel, Rossana Scutari and Luna Collagrossi. The image shows the spike protein structure of the Omicron variant and the Delta variant, compared to the original SARS CoV-2 mineral. Omicron contains many more mutations than Delta, which is already very diverse, and is concentrated in a region that interacts with human cells.

Omicron variant: First image of baby Jesus

red dots denotes regions of extremely high contrast, That orange very variable, that yellow with medium volatility, green ones Low, celestial with little change. The gray area is the area that is no different. This does not automatically mean that these differences are more serious, simply that the virus has adapted more to the human species by generating another variant. “Further studies will tell us whether this adaptation is neutral, less dangerous, or more dangerous,” Researchers comment.

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