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Italy, Buffon: I’m not on Vialli’s level. Spalletti? The right man in the right place. About Bonucci and Donnarumma…’ | first page


Gianluigi Buffon He is the new head of mission of the Italian national team, which has been official news for a few weeks. Today, his first official remarks at the press conference came from the press room in Coverciano. Next to the former goalkeeper for Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Parma is the president of the Italian Football Federation, Gabriele Gravina.

first thanks – “I thank those who wanted me here. To imagine myself here is something that makes me proud and motivates me, and makes me a happy man. I return to an environment that I think I know very well. My role is to make a small contribution to all the dynamics that we will experience in the future.”

heavy inheritance – “The memories are huge and beautiful, we had an extraordinary relationship off the field. We exchanged shirts constantly, there was a complete exchange and I must say it would be a mistake to think of him reaching his level right away. Each of us has his own past, a path, he is able to offer Answers you can’t give yourself when you’re young. To be able to come here trying to re-propose Vialli would be wrong, I wouldn’t be able to. I’ll try to be who I am. It’s always been the reason someone is appreciated.”

New generations and regret farewell is not in the field – “I have no regrets… Even today they call me for a farewell contest, but I don’t like it. When I finish my work I have to think about the present, the present and the future, I carry on. It was like that.” Awesome now stop, here comes a new adventure. With regard to young people, I think it is very important to know the history of the things and environments you go into in order to appreciate them. I was born and raised with “the legend of Paolo Rossi, Zoff, the Azzurri 1982 and also the stories of my father. So for me, the first time I saw Riva, it was like seeing a monument. You can help the youth in this way, as well as having a beautiful and winning national team.”

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Young Italian goalkeepers – “In the last 3-4 years the number of Italian goalkeepers has increased a lot and now there are 5-6 of a very high level, without touching Donnarumma who is a dedicated goalkeeper. He now plays with the best players in Italy”. World class. Everyone has followed suit and is providing important answers, starting with Vicario who will develop in the Premier League. Then Providel, Merritt who won the scudetto. Then also Falconi in Lecce, and Di Gregorio in Monza. There are many players “the goalkeeper who show they are very reliable and have something special. Carnicichi doesn’t play for Atalanta at the moment but the tournament is long. Providel was probably the best goalkeeper in the last tournament and that makes us hope that Gigio will catch a cold.”

About Donnarumma and Retreat – “No, not at all. And also because I’m old enough to consider this idea. Last season I got to the playoffs in perfect mental and physical condition and managed to hurt myself… That’s it”. “The greatest sign that nature could give me, I knew I had to quit. In the dressing room at Cagliari, I had already decided to quit, and I didn’t want to worry for another year. As for Gigio, I can say I’ve seen him on TV, And I’ve seen him avoid mistakes and grow even through mistakes because you learn a lot from mistakes. From the boy I left I found a man.”

Zoff or Buffon – He added, “I am the last one who can and wants to respond to these things… It does not make sense to me, I am an athlete and I am happy with what I gave and received. Zoff remains the goalkeeper of the team.” “There was no doubt about it. A reference in Italian history. I was a happy person and that was enough for me.”

Danger of Italian football looking less dangerous – “I don’t feel that risk, despite the ups and downs that we would suggest historically. We come from not qualifying, but also from winning in a certain style at the European Championships. The truth is somewhere between the two. Recently, I’ve had the good fortune to stay Close to the boss, the coach and his staff and I must say I heard the conversation about the concepts, emotions and values ​​which in my opinion are essential if you want to reach your goal. I have the feeling that Italy found the right man at the right time and I’m not talking about myself (laughs, editor).”

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circle close – “It’s worrying not to be in my sixth World Cup, I would have done something unique in history. But life has been very kind to me for what it has given me and has given me great compensation for this displeasure. I think I’ve always been altruistic, and I probably would have felt uncomfortable if I participated in the World Cup finals six times.

Failure to qualify for the World Cup – “As in all adventures, the truth is somewhere in between. The European Championship was magical, a goal that Italy achieved also supported by 3-4 lucky situations that allow you to become champions. The disqualification was the same, there were a lot of rings vs.

emotions – “More than an emotion, it’s what you feel. For that culture that family passes on to you, I always felt like I was in an environment that was too big for me. I’m not saying I didn’t deserve it, but I’ve always had a reverential respect and fear towards an entity that could Something unique to me and my family. Then during your career you meet many heroes who may no longer be able to appreciate certain things because they have lost their dimension and that in my opinion is the worst way to go on living and dealing with the sport. The best way is to know that you always are

Bonucci – “We talked this summer, and now I have to send him a message after I joined Union Berlin. He made a considered choice, he’s used to fighting and achieving things and goals by working hard even amidst difficulties. It’s something he must have admitted to facing this last challenge with the necessary inconvenience.” “Because maybe he wasn’t very happy to end in this way and yet he decided not to give up and that’s an important lesson. As far as the national team is concerned, I’m the last to say because I came back ten minutes ago and I don’t even have the qualifications to do that.”

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The Italy that represents me the most – “2006 was the supportive and altruistic Italy that one hopes to the end for a partner in any situation. Until 2012, when they finished second in the European Championship, but also 2016 with Conte: he was not the most beautiful and strong, but he was able to stir people up. And even Today, as Spalletti said, the goal is to make the fan proud to represent him in this team.

left-handed – “What do you want me to tell you… The president and the coach have already spoken, it’s an unexpected choice, however, the federation gave very quick and convincing answers. That’s the thing that interests me the most”. Blue world.

Spalletti – “Which deprives me of my words, because I have to intervene from time to time… But one must intervene when there are gaps, when something is not said and it is better to repeat it. But I must say that the completeness of the coach’s reasoning leads me not to add Anything else, it would just be repetition and emphasis of something he had already said. With a manager like that, I guess I wouldn’t have to say much.”

The most beautiful message – “I rarely read on the phone… I have no idea. But I’m very happy, and it’s very satisfying for me.”


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