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Peccioli by Ferragosto by Eric Fantazzini and Winter Sports

Peccioli by Ferragosto by Eric Fantazzini and Winter Sports

Sunset swimming, BBQ party, dinner with friends, beach parties. If we think of August day, surely the first thing we think of is these. However, in Piccioli, the 15th of August this year will be in harmony with the glacial slopes, the alpine pistes from all over the world and a dream called the Olympics. In fact, the municipality of Peccioli will formalize a unique collaboration across Italy with the Italian Winter Sports Federation (Fisi) from August 15. In fact, no public administration had previously selected a national and international athlete associated with winter sports as its certification and partner in regional events and promotions.

However, on the hottest day of one of the hottest summers on record, Mayor Renzo McCluney decided to start a march that could accompany Eric Fantazini, of Picchiolis for more than 10 years and an athlete from the Carabinieri sports group as well as the Italian bobsleigh team, towards the Olympics Milan and Cortina in 2026.

“I personally met Eric after his participation in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and we spoke with him about the sport and the prospects for the future, both in his career and about Piccioli – as Mayor Renzo McColney explains -. After a subsequent meeting, we thought, with board members, that he could be A perfect testimony to promote our lands all over the world, even this important event, and that like Italy we will play at home, like the Milan Olympics .. and Cortina 2026».

In Peccioli, of course, there are no toboggan runs. And it won’t even be built, but you have the ability to take advantage of all kinds of opportunities to make your area and its distinct products and works of contemporary art as well as those of ancient medieval history and more modern and futuristic ones known – works of architecture. And only in the next few months will Eric Fantasini compete in the European Cup, the World Cup and training matches in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Norway, Latvia and the United States. Some of the countries from which many tourists arrive in these months that have seen a major resumption after the most difficult periods of Covid-19.

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Eric, born on April 27, 1996 in Pavia but now in all respects, Peccioli, in this agreement will carry the emblem of the municipality of Peccioli on his helmet and bob whenever possible, as well as promote the emblematic Peccioli places of the Palazzo, on his social channels. Timeless on Via di Mezzo di Ghizzano, from works of contemporary art to the giant Presenze without forgetting Patrick Totofuco’s Endless Sunset catwalk show. Here Fantazzini filmed a promotional video, in his national team suit and full-face helmet, which underlined his strong relationship with Peccioli. Also visible on his personal website (

Fantazini confirmed, a few weeks ago, that he is the champion of Italian momentum in Cortina d’Ampezzo and in his last international matches repeatedly reached the European Cup podium with his staff. The municipality will now support it in cooperation with Fisi. He will provide his contribution in terms of image as well as useful advice and participation in institutional events organized in Peccioli which will have sport, but not only, as its central fulcrum. “I did not expect to receive such a welcome from the municipality of Piccioli. The mayor supports me and I thank him on behalf of the entire community – says champion Bob Piccioli’s -. It is nice that the formal nature of this cooperation has reached a region that has nothing to do with winter. Now I’m going to bring Peccioli together to learn about winter sports and I’m going to make the countries of winter sports know Peccioli. I make jokes to my friends as well as to my colleagues in the national team: I would like to send the Pecciolesi buses to Cortina and Milan for the 2026 Olympic Games. It will be one of the most important and it would be good if this goal can be achieved with the municipality. It would be nice to bring the Pecciolesi to cheer them up. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

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Source: Piccioli Municipality

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