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Libero Ferrario, here are the winners!

Libero Ferrario, here are the winners!


An exceptional edition because it was broadcast a hundred years after the historic victory in Zurich

Parabiago – On the first Sunday of September, dated by the number 3, it was held at Parabiago ed. n. No. 88 of the Targa Libero Ferrario. Unusual edition because it was broadcast in One hundred years after the historic Zurich victorywhen the handsome libero Ferrario lined everyone up under the flag of arrival: it was August 25, 1923, and the best amateurs of the time competed for the world champion jersey in a 180-kilometre race hampered by pesky rain.

The Libero Ferrario was the first Italian cyclist to wear it, and the city of Parabbiago is particularly proud of this record. One hundred and seventeen registrants for the race, one hundred and eleven active participants: figures that reward the organizers of the event, that is, the directors and supporters of the race. Ferrario Free Bike Collectionwho have for some time done their best to attend to the details of this competition, which was inevitably dictated by the extraordinary nature of the anniversary.
The race was run on a completely flat road that crossed the town of Parabiago for a distance of about ten kilometers, and was repeated fifteen times: in the end the competitors covered a total of 146 kilometres.

Before the race, the organizers and athletes observed a minute’s silence in honor of the five workers who lost their lives a few days ago near Brandizo railway station. And later two distinguished novices, namely the Federal President Cordiano Dagnoni and Mayor Rafal Kochi They gave way to conflict. What a battle! It was immediately understood that many aspired to victory, so that there were many attempts to escape from the group. But the escapees never managed more than thirty seconds, except for a breakaway that allowed Arvedi Cycling’s Lino Colosio to beat his four breakaway companions on the occasion of the flying finish line, after 98 kilometres, titled Banca Mediolanum.

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While the five fugitives were being reabsorbed, the group split so that about thirty runners found themselves at the head of the race who took turns at a good pace and for which reason the others could no longer reach them. After all, almost all the best teams were represented in the first group and this prevented an efficient and compact organization of work in depth.
So the large crowd in attendance at the end was ready to enjoy the classic race, albeit in small ranks, and expectations were not disappointed thanks to the smug idea of ​​David Boscaro of Team Allback Balan. He was succeeded by Englishman Louis Moore of the Wheelbase Team Riders (a specially arrived team from the UK) and Pierre-Ellis Piletta of Biesse Carrera.
At the time of the award ceremony, there were two particularly important and exciting moments: the handing over of the commemorative jersey of the winner of the race wanted by the municipal administration of the city of Parabbiago in honor of the great Libero Ferrario (in fact, it is the modern imitation of the one worn by
winner of the “World Championships” in Zurich) and the intervention on stage of Mrs. Luigia, wife of the historic president of GC Libero Ferrario “Pippo” Nebuloni who, as everyone remembers, passed away at the end of last year and to whose memory the first monument was dedicated.

A beautiful sunny day, a fast race with intense competition (the final average approached 49 kilometers per hour!), good crowd participation and the efficient organization of the event are the elements that made it possible to celebrate it with great decency, an event that will, in history, go down in history. The Parabiago City Athletic Club is something unique in terms of charm and pride.

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Gruppo Ciclistico Libero Ferrario would like to thank the economic activities that sponsored this sporting event, the city of Parabbiago and the Lombardy region that sponsored the event, and the associations and volunteers who supervised the track to ensure the safety of the team.
The racers, the spectators and all those people who worked with commitment and passion for the success of an initiative whose goal was to remember that Libero Ferrario who produced so much excitement a hundred years ago with an epic and legendary feat.

Finishing order (top 10 all at the same time)
1. Boscaro David (Colback Balan Team)
2. Moore Lewis (Team Bikers)
3. Pelita Pierre Ellis (Bessie Carrera)
4. Pagatine Christian (Sias Reem)
5. From the Hat Omar (Al-Sujibi General Store)
6. Enrico De Robertes (UC Brignana scout team)
7. Gianello Daniel (Total Cycling Tri Colli)
8. Gasparetto Jewell (Rustese cycling)
9. Galle Nikolo (Arvedi Cycling)
10. Alessandro Motta (Bessie Carrera)