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Federico Vismara, a young physicist from Cremona, Lund University, Sweden

Federico Vismara, a young physicist from Cremona, Lund University, Sweden

Creminiese physicist Federico Vismara is one of the minds behind the TOMATTO project, coordinated by Professor Mauro Nisoli of the Polytechnic of Milan in collaboration with IFN-CNR, and conducted within Atosecond Research Center which, in three distinct laboratories, uses EUV (extreme ultraviolet light) pulses to study ultrafast phenomena in atoms, molecules and solids on time scales from a few femtoseconds to a few tens of attoseconds. A physical sector certainly for a select few but it can be understood that it can lead for example to the creation of highly efficient photovoltaic materials.

Tomatoes He has been awarded a €11 million grant and will soon bring the young researcher to Lund, Sweden, to the center led by physicist Anne Lhuillier, already winner of the Wolf Prize for Physics in 2022 and a potential candidate for this Nobel Prize. general.

A passion for physics born in the offices of Aselli High School which gradually focused on increasingly specialized aspects such as quantum. “Now I dedicate myself to this adventure in attosecond physics, for which I am doing my Ph.D. – he explains -. I will stay in Lund for the exchange for 4 months, during which we will try to improve the kind of sources that allow the generation of attosecond pulses.”

The state of research in Italy is also very advanced, but it is post-doctoral studies that do not offer many opportunities for young people like Federico, as explained in the interview by Lorenzo Scarati. Gigabyte – Syrian Pound

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