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It looks like Embracer will be closing or selling more teams in the near future

It looks like Embracer will be closing or selling more teams in the near future

It appears to be a process of downsizing and reorganization Hugging group It is scheduled to continue, possibly including Sell ​​or close other teams In the near futureThis is according to what the CEO stated during the last financial meeting.

Speaking to investors, he said: Embracer Group CEO, Lars WingforsShe stated that the group may have to “continue to make radical decisions” to deal with the economic situation and try to make the group more efficient in terms of operating costs.

In fact, this seems to indicate a need to turn to others Staff reductions And also team closures, like what we saw in the recent period from the giant Swedish group.

Wingefors described the decision to close Campfire Cabal and Volition as “difficult”, in addition to reducing the number of employees at Crystal Dynamics, Rainbow Studios and Beamdog, but also added that the company is “determined to continue the process” it has begun, so it does not rule out that such decisions will be repeated and may involve teams… Additional development.

Embracer prefers to sell some teams

He explained: “In the end, we are making decisions about restructuring or reducing some teams and there will be some closures. This is difficult and takes time, but we announced the start of this process in June and now we are in the process at the end of September and we are fully confident that we are able to achieve the goals.” That we set ourselves for the end of the financial year.

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The Embracer CEO also noted how, in some cases, A Foreign sales Some teams prefer a complete lockdown, considering the occasional opportunity as a more convenient route to achieving goals.

This would indicate the possibility of some teams being sold to other companies, rather than shutting down, in the near future.