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Isola dei Famosi What an ordeal, another retreat nightmare is triggered

Another outcast from Isola dei Famosi is sick. His condition is alarming and there is a nightmare of another withdrawal.

Outcast from Celebrity Island (screenshot from Mediasetplay)

new earthquake inFamous Island This time, another retirement is being avoided for health reasons. Let’s find out what happens on the reality show Canale 5.

This year there is no real peace for Elari Blasey and her team and it seems that the situation has worsened again. A week later, tomorrow is the new live broadcast ofFamous Island, but there may be a really unfortunate table outside the table. The episode is expected to escalate with the arrival of pirates Soleil Sorge and Vera Gemma. The two women wouldn’t be real rivals, but they are annoying, and given their pasts, they both know how to do it perfectly.

Soleil rise She was actually the queen of Big Brother Vaib, creating interesting dynamics and sparking different controversies every week and during. vera gemma On the island of the famous in the previous version, it was marked by the group being the most hated of the shipwreck. All this would already be enough to be able to enjoy the glowing ring, but The shadow of a new decline And abandonment of the game hangs over the reality show: “He’s sick, too.” Let’s see together what could happen.

Isola dei Famosi: Cameras only frame her for a moment

The famous speedboat island
Famous Speedboat Island (Mediasetplay screenshot)

During this weekday, everything really happened on the island, between violent clashes, new love flares and the inner divisions of a group of untouchables.
nick He was a great champion in brawls and got in In the sights of Lori del Santo which he revealed to all. Just to mark their face to face on the beach, The cameras framed the moment Marco Cucolo was feeling bad. Laurie herself thanked Nick for letting her boyfriend eat his birthday food, because he was sick.

But how is the cuckoo really? In fact, there is no other news about his condition, fans began to worry very much because the false image of Marco alone caused a lot of anxiety. Many expect bad news, We don’t know if Marco was taken to the infirmary For investigations in these hours but his nightmare Withdraws For health reasons is more than realistic.

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If Lory Del Santo’s boyfriend is gone too, the island will lose another piece and Ilary Blasi must seriously consider renewing the cast again just three weeks before the reality show’s big finale. However, considering the presence of Sorge and Gem, Blasey may surprise everyone And they head out as official contenders, after all, it’s only a three-week (paid) vacation in Honduras.