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Albano Carisi, the statement that shocked the fans: “I want to do it with them.”

Albano Caresi indulged in a statement that inflamed the hearts of his fans, and the Cellino singer left little room for translation, leaving his followers speechless. Some time ago, Albano gave himself to the microphones of a popular Rai show, La Vita in Derita. During the interview he talked about his career, family, love and… his secret dreams. The historical face of Italian music spoke about his mother Yolanda and his father, explaining that it was only when he began to tour the world that he realized how important not only his roots but also the parents who supported him from the start were. Move on, Albano explains:

“My childhood was an extraordinary wealth of values: when I was introduced to new cultures, the level of the time of my youth rose. Even today, when I want to think of something beautiful, I think of that period there.” Over the course of his career, Il Leone di Cellino San Marco has won 26 gold records and 8 platinum records. His debut in the music world was very young, and given his success, it is no surprise that he soon began to tour the world. The real fame came in 1967 with the song In the sun. In the sun Later it will become a movie starring Cheb Albano and the beautiful Romina Power. It is there that the feeling was born that made them the most beloved couples of Italians. A feeling that has persisted for years and continues today in mutual affection and respect.

Albano always admitted on ita Live that there was a dream in the stairs. A revelation that sent fans into ecstasy. A few days ago, the man of Alberto Matano revealed his great desire to have a concert with some of the most famous Italian artists: “What I miss to do – Mosul asked Al-Bano –? I don’t say it until I do, it’s like telling dreams… If you say it, it won’t come true”. One of them concerns a three-part concert with friends Gianni Morandi and Massimo Ranieri: “I’ve wanted him since 1996. Massimo immediately told me yes, Morandi said instead that we would crush him with our votes”.

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