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Ischia News and Events – Al Bayan Current Affairs

A book that can no longer be found in a bookstore. A book 59 years ago – 1964 – by the publisher Laterza Al-Bari, 537 pages long, entitled: Our Money.

Written by Ernesto Rossi (1897-1967), the greatest Italian polemicist who started economic journalism in Italy even before Eugenio Scalfari. Rossi – from the pages of “El Mundo” – made a content-based critique of Italian capitalism and state organization in the Republic that he saw in the utopia of the United States of Europe. Since 1941 in Ventotene where he was detained he was a proud anti-fascist, writing with Altiero Spinelli and Eugenio Colorni a manifesto for a united Europe .

Rossi contains 40 articles on economic policy and all of them are annotated with specific references. It should be adopted in secondary schools for its style and content. Rossi is a Republican but not a “communist” and is a lifelong “left liberal” but criticizes the “left”.

He will never join the PSI but is focusing on the PSI from his left where he sees the Liberals and Labor veterans. In the introduction to this large book, full of data and references to concrete laws and procedures, Rossi says at the end: “We must not demand immediately after transplantation. If we are convinced that the solution is good, we must not tire of arguing and discussing.” “The debate on this topic has entered even the hardest minds. The future also depends on what each of us can do.” Rossi wrote 60 years ago.

I think we should adopt his method. He inspired us with his life. We have launched an appeal for the “Statement of Casamicciola which” is the “Ischia” of n. 1/2023 from the magazine “Il Continent” signed by 40 citizens whose names appear with the text on the page. 11 on page 13. The Continent will no longer be printed after 7 issues in 5 years. He did his best.

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The statement would have merited a civic mobilization in light of the current legislative chaos heightened by a massive list of 24 decrees issued by Commissioner Giovanni Legnini that entrusted the future “reconstruction” to at least 50 years with a failed protection represented by the Campania region of the sheriff. Vincenzo De Luca, together with his deputy Fulvio Bonavitaccola, sometimes accompanies during his rounds in Ischia, the useless urban planning consultant Bruno Dicipolo in the eternal promise of the “reconstruction plan”.

The essence of the statement is a special law request for an “independent public law body for reconstruction” for twenty years as the Republic had done in 1952 for the Ischia Development Authority. Today a different situation arises for Ischia, where the unified management of economic policy is very strict, very realistic and extremely clear in legal terms despite the Italian legislative maze.

It is a more complex labyrinth that Ernesto Rossi examined, criticized and wrote about. But today, as Ernesto said, disputes are being held “to highlight democracy, not to blind it.”

We would like to repeat it and add that when the conscience of every citizen becomes dull, democracy dies.