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“I don’t feel what he feels, it seems too much to me.” [VIDEO]

“I don’t feel what he feels, it seems too much to me.” [VIDEO]

In GF, a new confrontation between Massimiliano Varese and Heidi Bacchi: This is what happened!

Another episode of Big brotherairing tonight on Channel 5And more comparison between Heidi kisses And Massimiliano Varese: Actually, the two liked each other from the beginning, but the actor’s excessive interest in dressing led to… Heidi To take a step back and reject chemistry with vippone. In this final comparison, will anything change between the two?

Comparison of GF, Heidi and Massimiliano: has anything changed?

Contacted by Alfonso Signorini In the mysterious room, Heidi I watched a simple summary of the week’s events between her and the wizard Varys. Compared with last week, when the two seemed to be at loggerheads, these days they seem to have regained a certain amount of complicity and serenity in speaking, reviving the hopes of the audience. Even the same thing Heidi She admits that by watching the videos it becomes clear that between her and… Maximilian There is a strong connection:

“From the outside I see two people who love each other very much, I cannot deny it. However, on my part, there is not the same strength as him. I cannot lie. What he feels seems a little excessive to me. I admit that I do not reciprocate at all.”

again in house Subordinate gf, Heidi And Maximilian They find themselves together again, with the actor clearly resigned to this new rejection: “I didn’t expect anything different from what he told me. “I’ll get over it and move on.”. Meanwhile, in the studio, some of the audience can’t help but cheer “It’s cooked!”Which sparked an incursion from the commentator Cesara BonamisiWho asks the actor how he feels Heidi Let it be love! Varys He seems surprised by the question, but quickly recovers and admits that he has a strong interest, but it certainly cannot be defined as love:

“No, no love. I care very much, that’s true, but it’s not love. Everyone needs their own time, emotions can’t be the same for everyone.”

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