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iPhone 15, anomaly detected: This is why it overheats

iPhone 15, anomaly detected: This is why it overheats

Apple confirms all the reports and abnormalities that the new iPhone 15 suffers from, not just the Pro, and this is the reason for the high temperature of the new device.

Fortunately, the Apple Watch Series 9 is there to make the iPhone 15’s debut less bitter, yes, because it is the new smartwatch from the Cupertino giant. It ended up on the cover due to booming salesat least in these first days of release.

iPhone 15, Apple acknowledges the oddities of the new devices – Screenshot –

However, for the iPhone 15, Just reports, returns and a lot of criticism Which balances the success of the Apple Watch Series 9. The new chip has proven to be the most powerful chip the Cupertino giant has ever created. Not only.

The 9 Series’ advanced display system increases maximum brightness by up to 2,000 nits, which is twice that of the 8 Series. So it is easier to read in bright sunlight. It’s also better in low-light situations, like a movie theater, because it dims to only 1 nit. But above all, the great idea of ​​double tap: just double tap your index finger and thumb together to answer a call, open a notification, play and pause music, and more.

iPhone 15 overheats: It’s not about the titanium design

It’s a completely different story for the iPhone 15. Initially, reports from around the world indicated that the Pro devices would overheat and malfunction at high temperatures. But soon The mysterious mystery has been discovered according to numerous reports.

iPhone 15, this is why it gets hot
iPhone 15, this is why both versions overheat, both the standard version and the Pro version – Screenshot –

First of all, it is not a phenomenon that affects only the professionals, but all four iPhone 15s, and above all, it is not an issue linked to the new design as was initially thought. There are a number of factors that create this anomaly. Apple itself had to play a role to explain how things worked. “We’ve identified some conditions that could cause your iPhone to heat up more than expected.”

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Apple’s official words issued to Forbes, as well as to 9to5mac, admit first and foremost that the iPhone 15 may overheat during the first days after configuration or reset, Due to increased background activity. In other words, Apple identifies some third-party apps as the culprit behind overloading the iPhone’s CPU, causing the devices to overheat, notably Asphalt 9, Uber, and Instagram. Of these three, Instagram was fixed on September 27th. For everything else, you’ll have to wait for the software update that Apple promised in a short time.