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Scarbo SV Rover, the new 1,100 hp super truck from California – news and previews

Scarbo SV Rover, the new 1,100 hp super truck from California – news and previews

The super SUV segment, in the wake of the success of the AMG G Klasse also with six wheels (prices exceed $1 million), is gaining increasing importance not only in the Gulf countries but also in the United States where nostalgia for the past is still a car. The famous Hummer H1 is alive.

The massive new Scarbo SV Rover (called the Hypertruck as Americans like it) arrives straight from California and ushers it into the field — halfway between crazy off-road racing and shows on Rodeo Drive — at a modest cost of over a million dollars for an SUV with four driving wheels. Huge, 6.2-liter V8 supercharged gasoline engine with 1,100 horsepower.

The design of this expensive off-road vehicle is reminiscent of the famous Defender, the “purebred” car whose production stopped in 2016, but with radical interventions based on aluminum and carbon panels. What stands out above all are the huge “active” fenders – which Scarpo specified because they are attached to the suspension so that the 30-inch tires can never hit them – and a truncated tail reminiscent of Dakar prototypes.

Joe Scarbo, CEO of Scarbo Performance, said: “The SV Rover sets new boundaries in power, handling and off-road capability – and we’re thrilled to unveil this revolutionary vehicle, which combines nostalgia for classic British design and power.” And state-of-the-art technology made in the USA to deliver a driving experience that exceeds any other performance truck.”

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