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Napoli fans angry

Napoli fans angry

After the party it’s time to take stock. Sports newspapers and others have begun to analyze Euro 2020 starting with the defending champion. Gazzetta dello sport e Corriere dello Sport However they seem to have a very conflicting opinion about Lorenzo Insigne. Footballer Naples In fact, he received a completely unpleasant verdict on the pages of the rose.

Insigne report card

one more time Lorenzo Insigne It ends up being criticized. vote that Gazzetta dello sport Obtained (8) seems very positive but the words used towards the leader Naples They argue: “The protagonist is on the spot with a turkey, records and invents. It seems to be a categorical promise to a great European, the one who will turn your career into 30 years. He only partially keeps it. Peak with the wonderful tiraggiro that extends Belgium. His region is always the creative region of the national team. Create, run, hook and assist even without the ball. nothing to say. But the most important matches he can not describe his genius. The European is more than positive but not like changing his status. Lorenzo is still an excellent player. No more”.

The reaction of social networks

And when it comes to Lorenzo Insigne The reactions of Napoli fans are always very contradictory. For many fans of the Azzurri, in fact, the European championship that the captain plays is of the highest caliber, which returns a player who is able to fully immerse himself in the team spirit and not only from great plays. “You can’t be objective. He practically plays as a winger, No. 10 in the world goes back to defense as he does, in attack for a plentiful 70 minutes, he’s clear in every game, every offensive action goes by his side. As far as I’m concerned one of the top 10 in Europe“.

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There are many Napoli fans who invite you to look at Insigne’s performance from another point of view: “When you judge Insigne, the negative side is always emphasized. You have to watch football without premeditation and find me a better goal than the one I scored against Belgium”. And again: “For six years he was in a double character and makes frequent passes, always plays and helps the team. It is no coincidence that all the coaches have always put him at the heart of the project.

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