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Playing too fast is the risk of a nervous breakdown

Playing too fast is the risk of a nervous breakdown

Turin Today’s season of first achievements takes decisive turns in history. “After Djokovic I reset everythingVictory over Ron gave me confidence. “I’m ready.'” As of the final round, the only Master could still secure the top prize for the unbeaten King ($4,801,500, enough to pay for Monday’s private flight to Malaga, the Davis Cup destination, but the federation will be happy if the match goes ahead. Final in Turin dealt with) came out The new Jannik Sinner, the umpteenth edition of this magical year full of firsts: the first success at number 1 (Alcaraz in Miami), the first Masters 1000 (Toronto), the breaking of taboos with Medvedev (Beijing and then Vienna), the first victory in King Djokovic (here in the finals). But then again, if the Red Baron had not been flying for months (“Comparisons with Alberto Tomba and Valentino Rossi are exaggerated, they belong to another level…”), the only tennis player to have beaten all the top three in seven and a half months, 60 victory in the season (only Medvedev, 66, and Alcaraz, 64, more), none of Torino’s creations could be achieved.

The boy who postponed his press conference until 1pm on Thursday to complete his ice treatment is an exhausted but calm sinner (“The discomfort in my back was gone, and I felt a little bump, maybe a little bit of tension, but not “I worried too much: we’re like Formula 1 cars;” As soon as there’s something small you feel The abnormal form of the combinations has Daniil Medvedev back on his way for the third time in 45 days Although the precedents remain in favor of the Russians (6-2), the good news is that Yannick included the last two. By backing himself on his memory, the Italian will set out to win the first Masters Final to be held in Italy in the 53 years of the tournament’s existence, imagining new crowd records: 2,581,000 spectators (13.4% share) in the Raido (more than 653 others (A Thousand in the Sky) for For the Sinner-Rune, it is (also) the free vision that must be attributed to the change in the perception of the athlete in public opinion. Medvedev, who did not give the impression yesterday of trying to overcome Alcaraz (tonight against Djokovic, a very big challenge: 2-2 matches, the last, Wimbledon and Cincinnati, unforgettable), knows what to expect: “Jannik is the most exciting player. : He knows how to do it Serving and shooting But he also presses from the back, he has the short ball, the pass and the cross. In Vienna I played a great match, better than in Beijing, and yet I lost again. I will try to take inspiration from those who took a bunch of things from him here in Turin: Djokovic and Ron. “I have to be the best version of myself to get the opportunity.”

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Sinner wouldn’t be able to withstand the nervous breakdown that cost him the second set with Rune But it is plausible that the huge investment of energy in order to finish at the top of the group thanks to three victories will be felt again today with Medvedev, in the packed PalaAlpitour (another 300 tickets have been put on sale: the total capacity rises to 12,262 spectators), who will cry without sparing Same for the hero who came in from the cold. The extremely fast court, that gray skate extending into a blue lake to give the home player an advantage, does not bother even Medvedev: “He is one of the tennis players on the circuit who serves the best,” Sinner recalls. And he’s not bad on his comeback either: the Russian has the best return rating (i.e. percentage of points scored on a comeback, 166.3) on the ATP Tour.