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Will Helldivers 2 come to Xbox Series  Sony will consider this, according to an insider

Will Helldivers 2 come to Xbox Series Sony will consider this, according to an insider

Hell Divers 2 can come Xbox Series X|Sat least according to Nick Baker's sources from Xbox Era, according to which Sony has begun internal discussions to also bring the game to Verdicrociate platforms after the huge success it had (and which it still has) on PS5 and PC.

“We know that Playstation has a new CEO, who may be more open to certain things right now,” Baker said during the latest XboxEra podcast. “So what I've heard, again this is just a rumor, is that there may be some very early initial discussions about the possibility of Helldivers 2 coming to Xbox.”

New CEO, new strategy?

No matter what platform is used, we are all children of Super Earth

Obviously, we are currently in the realm of rumours, and hence we suggest you take the above information with a pinch of salt, something that Becker himself has also suggested.

However, a Helldivers 2 port for Xbox would make sense. After all, we are talking about a A multiplayer live service game Hence it needs a large user base to thrive. Therefore, the entry of additional players on the Xbox side will bring benefits to both the community and developers Arrowhead Games Studio and Sony.

After all, this is the same logic Microsoft introduced with the arrival of Xbox exclusives like Grounded and Sea of ​​Thieves on PS5. Perhaps Sony can also adopt this strategy in the future Your input from Interim CEO Hiroki Totokiwhich announced in February that PlayStation should focus with greater conviction on a cross-platform approach.

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