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Introducing the new look for Nurse Joy in the Scarlet and Violet DLC

Introducing the new look for Nurse Joy in the Scarlet and Violet DLC

which is long overdue Downloadable content for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet He reveals more and more things about himself, Tra a leak And advertisements Through official channels: the latest discovery is related to new look For a Nordivia Pokémon Center employee,Joy Nurse To be clear, within the expansion “turquoise mask” from DLC “Zone Zero Treasure”.

From photos shared by those who had the chance to experiment preview Scarlet and Violet DLC, we can see howNurse Joy is from Nordevia It seems that she underwent a radical root Hair restyling. For generations, it’s been her role to nurture and heal our Pokemon, welcoming us with her sweet gaze framed by her pretty pink hair. Instead, Nurse Joy, whom we will meet in the new lands of Nordivia, seems to have lost the ‘cheerfulness’ that always characterized her. tougher look. The Pokemon Centers in the Baldea region look a lot like gas stations, and the ones in this new region will also be outdoors, so maybemore aggressive look The new Nurse Joy is more suited to this environment, different from the classic Pokémon Center and more welcoming. Even the hair color has become lighter than her previous classmates.

also, a personality It appears that the new nurse Joy is Bolder, bolder compared to his previous releases, as reported by some fans online. It will be interesting to see what his sharp jokes will be with the constant requests to treat our Pokémon.

The first part of Scarlet and Violet DLC The next is coming September 13, 2023: We will soon discover all the secrets hidden in this new adventure.

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