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INPS, the obligation is activated: if you don’t by this date, they will take your pension

The National Institute of Graduate Studies has resumed regular checks for pensioners, who absolutely must submit a mandatory form: consider withdrawing the expected amount. What are we talking about? Be very careful and write down all the information.

INPS deadline –

Every year, there are absolutely no easy days for retirees: INPS is required to check all requirements From retirees in Italy, to check that everything is fine.

INPS . Headquarters
INPS headquarters –

The delivery campaign started in June Mandatory formsSo, if you are a pensioner, hurry up, otherwise the Social Security Institute may cancel your monthly amount. Because? Here everything is explained in detail.

RED form, at the beginning of handover to INPS, under penalty of pension withdrawal

From June 2022 until February 28, 2023, all retirees are required to deliver red modelOne Mandatory declaration to be submitted to INPS. But what are we talking about?

retired couple
retired couple –

This form is required by INPS for Understand the retiree’s income status, Which can change from year to year. Retirees who have access to benefits related to their income will have to provide it each year, in this period of time which is also very long.

So who should hand it over? RED must be delivered by a person with an income-related pensionor by those receiving Social Security and Social Welfare benefits based on their permanent income status.

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In this way, the National Social Security Institute will be able to check all the data and make sure that everything is regular and the correct pension amount is paid.

There are even retirees who They are not obligated to deliver RED, Who i am? In fact, these are the majority.

In fact, who has already declared all income, Even family members, or Who has a retirement income? or again Who does not present the differences On his own income he is not at all obligated to make this delivery.

What happens if RED is not delivered on time?

If you do not deliver on time red model There are risks to retirees who may see their monthly benefits evaporate.

Well, yes, why INPS can remove the pension as a wholeor. This type of form is nothing more than a type of tax return for retirees, so it is for some retirees It’s really essential that you remember to hand everything in by February 28th.

If you do not deliver, INPS can suspend it for two months The amount that a person is entitled to receive, or even the permanent cancellation of the pension.

Furthermore, on the same day the RED form expires, another date for submission of the INPS form has also been announced, or INV-CIV Declaration.

This is for the disabled, so everyone who benefits from a disability benefit must provide it. Even those receiving social benefits are obliged to provide it, under penalty of permanent exclusion from retirement benefits.

Therefore, in short, these documents must be delivered by February 28, 2023, so as not to be excluded from receiving a regular pension.

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For all complete information on these deliveries, for both the RED form and the INV-CIV declaration, it is necessary to refer carefully to the INPS website, in particular Message No. 1497 dated 04-04-2022to understand your rights but above all your duties, without falling into bad situations that can change your daily life.