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Gas, so Russia challenges Eni and Italy in Africa over alternative supplies to Moscow

The revelations about relations between Salvini and Russia under Putin is worrying for Democratic Party Secretary Enrico Letta. The election campaign in light of the September 25 vote “begins in the worst way because there is a serious stigma in this matter and we demand an account, we ask for the truth, we want to know if it was Putin. Whoever brought down the Draghi government, we want to know if those who brought down the Draghi government were They did it on the authority of a foreign power that today is an attacking power and we cannot have good relations with it.” This is how Coldiretti read it confirming what was to be expected by MF-Milano Finanzawhile the BTP/Bund spread rises to 244 basis points, thanks to the S&P downgrading expectations for the Italian rating from positive to stable.

Therefore, Lita asks for “awareness and clarity, we will come to Kubasir, we will ask parliamentary questions, ask the government to respond regarding the information received in these hours.” He noted that he wanted to understand whether he was behind the downfall of the government, if “in fact, as it seems quite clear, Putin’s Russia is behind the choices of the League.” He charged that if this were the case, “it would be something of endless danger, that we would become like Hungary in Urban, and Putin’s fifth column in Europe.” for…;

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