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Cars have a secret button in the door, it solves an annoying problem that no one knows exists

Cars have a secret button in the door, it solves an annoying problem that no one knows exists

The secret hidden in car doors –

Here’s the solution to a problem that affects many drivers: It’s always been there but no one knew about it until now.

Many drivers often find themselves in need of it Wait in the car For a few hours waiting for the passenger to return from a very long mission.

Waiting in your car can be anxiety-provoking and uncomfortable, which is why many people prefer itKeep doors open And let fresh air in while they wait.

However, there is a small problem: some car models, including the most technologically advanced ones, have Open door detection system Which, when the car is not closed properly, emits a continuous and sharp beep to warn anyone who may move away from the car that they have not closed the door properly.

Audio signal In a pinch, if the person does not move away from the car but simply sits with the door open, it can be a bit annoying, because it does not allow you to relax. This is the solution.

Secret button

a Expert mechanic Recently revealed how to solve Annoying audio signal problem In cars when parked, but with the keys inserted. The man said that many drivers did not even know about the existence of this strange button, which removes the beeping sounds when the car is parked but unlocked.

The button is there Inside the door, close to the closing hook between the two ends. This button allows the car to know when the door has closed properly and when not: If the door has closed properly, you will press the button that will stop the beep and lock the steering wheel.

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Open the car door
Here’s how to avoid the door opening sound –

Just click and the hassle will be over

In short, no one knows, but this is the real solution to the problem that afflicts many people waiting in cars. Just click Door button At the beginning of the beep and the noise will stop immediately.

This button is not found in all cars, but only in some models Toyota and Lexus From the new generation. These cars actually have an audio signal system that is not integrated into many other cars, which is why the button is included.